Mind~Body~Spirit Coaching For Health, Healing & Happiness

Do You Long To Be Free…

  • Worry, Overwhelm, Anxiety
  • Multiple Sclerosis, Autoimmune Disorder, Other Chronic Illness
  • A Harsh, Judging Inner Critic
  • Weight, Body Shame, or Eating Disorder
  • Pain, Headaches, Migraines
  • Fear and Self-Doubt
  • Feeling Depressed, Lost, or Stuck

Imagine Having…

  • Complete Self-Acceptance & Love
  • Un-Stoppable Self-Confidence and Trust
  • A Balanced Life- Work, Rest, and Play
  • Vibrant Health and Energy To Live Your Passions
  • A Deeper Connection with Your “Something Bigger”
  • A Supportive Community of People That Love & Accept Your True Self
  • Fully Living Your Purpose OR Growing Your Biz With Abundance & Freedom

If you are ready to heal the underlying cause of your anxiety, weight, pain, chronic illness, past trauma/abuse so you can have a vibrant body, healthy lifestyle and abundant life of freedom, than keep reading to find out how I can support you.


Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Mastery™

Live Virtual Program

The 10 Keys To Health, Healing & Receiving All In Your Life


Connecting with The Divine You™

Cultivating Health, Peace & Happiness

Embrace Your Imperfection

Release Perfection, People Pleasing, and Pretending to Be Superwoman & Live YOUR Passionate Life!

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The Divine You Retreat:
For Health, Peace, & Happiness

Maui, Hawaii
February 24-28, 2018

Personal & Small Group Retreats
For Health, Healing or Business

Email tanya@tanyapenny.com for details


Our 1:1 coaching sessions will occur via phone or Skype. If you answer YES to the following than 1:1 coaching is for you:

  • You are ready to shine the light on the underlying cause of your illness or other areas of breakdown- love, money, purpose/career.
  • You are open to learning a new mind-body-spirit process to heal and co-create the life of your dreams
  • You are committed to showing up, using the tools, and taking inspired actions.
  • You want to face your fears and release self-doubt & limiting beliefs.
  • You are ready to make an investment in your self & your life.
  • You desire to have it ALL- self-love, vibrant health, fulfilling relationships, fully living your purpose & passions with abundance freedom!

You have {3} options for 1:1 coaching:

Interested in coaching program but not sure which one? Please click below & fill out the short form. I will contact you within 72 hours to set up a time to chat. I look forward to connecting with you soon! Sending Love, Courage & Light, Tanya


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