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Morella Devost, Thrive Coach Madeline Charles,
High Vibe Coach
Dr Ritamarie, Nutritional Endocrinology Specialist Dr. Rhoberta Shaler, Relationship Coach
William Linville, Universalis

Yes, I Want To Heal & Receive 100%!
Vibrant Body & Abundant Life

Welcome! I’m Tanya Penny, Healing Catalyst, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach. I’m super excited for this NEW inspiring, empowering expert series where I’ll be featuring some of the world’s cutting edge mind-body-spirit healers, coaches, and leaders. We will be sharing our wisdom & tools to support you to heal your body & receive abundance in all areas of your life!

Join us for new LIVE expert conversations each month as we focus on the 10 Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Blueprint Keys. PLUS receive valuable free gifts & offers from us so you can begin co-creating the healthy body & abundant life of your dreams!

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  • Wisdom- how to heal your body & receive 100% abundance in ALL areas of your life.
  • The 10 keys to co-creating the life of your dreams- health, love, money, time, & fully living your passions & purpose.
  • Mind~Body~Spirit tips & tools to release the blocks & self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from having it all.
  • Three NEW live conversations, tools, gifts and more each month!

Health, Love, Spirituality, Money, Passion, & Purpose

Yes, I Want To Heal & Receive 100%!
Vibrant Body & Abundant Life