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Transform Your Pain To Power

Tanya Penny, is an OTR, Intuitive, Illness & Trauma Guide, Author of Connect with The Divine You book & journals. She teaches, empowers, and supports you to heal your body & past trauma, fully love & be your true Self, and wake up to the powerful Soul that you are using her Mind-Body-Soul methodology. Tanya experienced anxiety, depression, pain, GI issues, and had challenges with weight & eating disorders. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was her first wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy (she had to peel back the layers and really look into her Self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but she completely healed. Tanya is the creator of and teaches the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.), Release The 3P’s, and the 10 EVOLVE Keys™, trusting that they will find their way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to go deeper on their journey. She supports you on your journey through virtual private sessions & group programs, and in-person retreats.

Trauma Truths

Meditation Instructions: Find a quiet space, and lie down or sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. You can cover yourself with a light blanket and use an eye pillow if you like. (Note: don’t listen while you’re driving). Use in the morning, midday, and/or at bedtime as you fall asleep. It’s okay if you fall asleep and don’t hear a word — that actually works even better sometimes. You can’t do this wrong. Whatever you feel/experience is fine and can be different each time you listen.

Healing Trauma with Kambo & Ketamine

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The Conscious Body

Susan Kennard is known as a Spiritual Scientist, a specialist in Early Childhood Trauma and originally was a Psychologist and Psychotherapist in Child Protection within Local Authority. She has over 20 years of extensive experience working with trauma including Veterans and PTSD. Susan works mostly on Zoom and telephone allowing distance to be no barrier. Susan is a published author and her work “Awaken the Light Within Your Heart: A Guide to Self-Healing” has helped many be on their spiritual journey and heal from within. Essentially Susan’s work helps you to release fear allowing LOVE and more light to be reflected from your cells into your inner and outer experience. It’s a bit like a mirror. Your external life is a mirror and it is this mirror that tells you how you are vibrating. She does this by combining her traditional training and her spiritual gifts. Susan is passionate about helping you to remember that you are your own inner healer and that you can create a truly free and abundant life by aligning to your true mission.

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Harmonizing Your Ancestral Lineage

Elijah Carter has been a licensed physical therapist since graduating from the University of Colorado Medical Center in 1980. A profound spiritual healing experience in the late 90’s set him on the path to develop a more holistic approach to healing. After studying, experiencing, and exploring many alternative healing modalities, Elijah developed his own unique perspective on influencing the human energy field. He has created a system of care that focuses on influencing the subtle energy realms while objectively documenting the changes in the physical body. This approach not only delivers lasting benefits to the patient, but also enables the practitioner to pursue their own unique intuitive healing abilities. Elijah teaches, offers sessions and retreats from the healing coast of the Puna District on the Big Island of Hawai’i, where he’s called his home since 2008.

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What is Trauma & How to Overcome It

William Linville is a divine presence of clear creator consciousness that has transcended all of the lower levels of the physical form, as well as all of the survival levels of the physical makeup that came within an embodiment which he stepped into on a surgery table in 1996. He is here on the planet to assist you to clear out all of your egoic conflicts and structures that have held you back from fully, completely marrying with your higher levels and your lower levels. Working beyond space and time, William is presented with your light realms (you within and throughout all levels of creation) to assist with releasing and dissolving all of the density, debris of misperceptions and conflicts within the physical, as the higher levels of you (your creator levels, your manifest levels, your light bodies) are merging, marrying, vibrating faster and integrating into this realm through your physicality as you so imminently expand, emanate, and express within and throughout your world and creation as a whole. William Linville teaches no belief system and is not affiliated with any group or organization. William Linville just is. William works with each person or group in their own individual uniqueness for the highest and best good of all concerned.

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The Rule of Two: Why Trauma Symptoms Show Up When They Do

Jane McCampbell Stuart is a psychotherapist, coach and spiritual consultant specializing in the healing of trauma and PTSD. She blends together powerful healing modalities including EMDR, tapping and energy psychology, helping clients heal the past, understand the present and change the future for the better. She works via video from all over the world, offering one-time healing sessions, intensives, and ongoing therapeutic coaching. She also offers group healing sessions, consultations and trainings for coaches, medical professionals and anyone who holds sacred space in how to treat trauma in their practice.

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Build a Relationship with Your Body

Lauren Pasas is a Somatic Therapist & Facilitator for Expressive Body Art who is here to serve people in their aliveness. She specializes in somatic processing, supporting folks in using their body as a guide and source for connection. Her trauma-sensitive approach provides a natural container, one that patiently empowers clients to develop their own capacity to heal. For Lauren, the journey begins and ends with one’s relationship to the body. Her deep reverence and presence is what allows for sacred wisdom to reveal itself… one breath at a time.

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Healing with Dolphins & Whales

Anne Gordon has spent her entire life in the presence of Dolphins and Whales. She grew up watching Orca whales while boating and living in the Pacific NW. She has been running her successful Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreats internationally since 2007. She shares the wisdom of the dolphins and whales through transformational retreats in Bimini, Hawaii, Mexico, French Polynesia, etc. to spend time with and deepen your spiritual connection with the natural world. She is a certified Dolphin Energy Healing practitioner who loves to share the powerful healing energy, insights, wisdom and messages the dolphins have for her clients and loves to empower others to connect deeply with and share the healing energy of the dolphins and whales. The Dolphins and Whales are a powerful presence in her life, bringing her peace, confidence and a strong sense of unity/community.

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Healing Trauma through Shamanism

Kerri Hummingbird, Medicine Woman, Mother and Mentor, is the Founder of Inner Medicine Training, a Mystery School that shares potent ancient traditions from the Andes and Himalayas for owning your wisdom and living your purpose. She is the #1 international best-selling author of “Inner Medicine: Becoming One with Mother Earth for the Survival of Humanity” (on the int’l bestseller charts for over 5 weeks!), “Love Is Fierce: Healing the Mother Wound”, “The Second Wave: Transcending the Human Drama” (on the int’l bestseller charts for over 198 weeks!) and the award-winning best-selling book “Awakening To Me: One Woman’s Journey To Self Love” which describes the early years of her spiritual awakening. As the host of Soul Nectar Show, Ms. Hummingbird inspires people to lead their lives wide awake with an authenticity, passion and purpose that positively impacts others. As a healer and mentor, she catalyzes mind-shifts that transform life challenges into gifts of wisdom.

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Transforming Trauma Through Akashic Records

Anika Ray is a professional Akashic Records consultant and teacher. She has been mentored, trained and certified by Dr. Linda Howe.

Her mission is to share her knowledge and insight from and about the Akashic Records with other lightworkers and spiritual seekers through reading and classes, so they can live their lives aligned with their soul.

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The Power of Breath to Heal Trauma

Ashanna Solaris & Dana Dharma Devi have been sharing breathwork and healing for over 7 decades combined and have pioneered their own approach and GPBA-accredited certification school called Clarity Breathwork. Clarity Breathwork is a gentle, compassionate feminine approach to breathing & healing. They combine their many years of experience and gifts together in a beautiful way that touches and awakens their students. Including Dana’s sacred music and kirtan and Ashanna’s Light Body meditations, dance & movement processes. They have led hundreds of trainings, workshops, and retreats around the world supporting thousands of people to release their blocks, so they can live their greater potential. They want to support you to rise and uplevel your vibration and step into who you really are at this epic time!

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Transforming Trauma

Clare Dash is a trauma healer. Her approach is rooted in more than 28 years’ experience working with psychological trauma. She brings heart-centred psychotherapy, art, and spirituality together with Brainspotting, Creative Expression and Parts work. Clare deeply values authenticity and offers a down to earth approach; to empower you to develop compassion and curiosity, raising your energy frequency so that you can reconnect with your higher self. She focuses on helping you find that deep sense of trust so that you can really feel safe to heal. As an artist, she knows that there is an unconscious inside all of us, and from that we can explore our lives and find our meaning. She also knows that it is vital to integrate the mind, body, and spirit in any trauma focused treatments. Having worked for the last 9 years using trauma-informed therapies, Clare works with the root causes of anxiety, depression, and mental health difficulties.

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The Healing Sounds of Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls

Jeralyn Glass is an internationally acclaimed singer, musician, and leader in the field of sound healing who has been sharing the gift of music medicine with the world for decades. She began her career on Broadway and has sung on opera and concert stages around the globe, and offers a unique alchemical blend of classical music, meditation, and high vibrational sound. Merging quantum science, bioenergetics, and crystalline sound vibration, Jeralyn helps people facilitate healing and transformation with the power of music and sacred frequencies that nourish our bodies, connect us with our hearts, and awaken our consciousness. She created The Sacred Science of Sound educational platform and the Crystal Cadence Sound Healing Studio and Temple of Alchemy, where over 500 Crystal Tones singing bowls are available for purchase, and she offers her internationally acclaimed Crystal Singing Bowl Trainings and consultations personally curating your bowl “mates”. Jeralyn is the author of the Crystal Sound Healing Oracle, the first interactive card deck of its kind, releasing May 2023, as well as a much-anticipated book on crystalline sound healing releasing early 2024.

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