Connect with The Divine You Classes, Workshops, & Retreats


September 29 – October 2 @ Mt Shasta (Retreat)

October 15 @ Muse Yoga, Boise, ID (Class + Book Sign)

October 20 @ 10 AM – 1PM, Indian Rocks Beach, FL (Workshop + Book Sign)

October 27 @ 1 – 2 PM Florida Occupational Therapy Annual Conference, Orlando, FL

October 28 @ 2 PM – 5 PM, Soluna Yoga & Spa, Jacksonville, FL (Workshop + Book Sign)


November 2 @ 4 – 6 PM Mountain Central Occupational Therapy Conference, Sugarland, TX

November 3 — Sugar Land, Texas — Details Coming Soon (Workshop + Book Sign)

November 12 @ Muse Yoga, Boise, ID (Class + Book Sign)

November 17 Boise, ID (Workshop + Book Sign)

November – January @ Boise Downtown Wellness, Boise, ID (Coaching Program)

February 2019

February 23-27 @ Kihei (Retreat + TMP Cert)

April 2019

April 6 – 8 @ Indian Rocks Beach, FL (Retreat + TMP Cert)

October 2019

October 19 – 22 @ Zion National Park, UT (Retreat + TMP Cert)

Connect with The Divine You ~ Meditation For Health, Healing & Happiness

Many of us become disconnected from our true Self for many reasons while growing up. Over time, this disconnection can cause all sorts of health problems in our minds and bodies, as well as breakdowns in other important life areas: our relationships, our finances, our careers and life purpose.

In her book, workshops, retreats, and online programs, Tanya Penny teaches you the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.) to support you to reconnect with and accept all parts of yourself. Her process and other tools she teaches will help you get in touch with your deepest desires, listen to your body, release toxic emotions, shift limiting beliefs, connect with your inner guidance, and ultimately walk the path to healing yourself, plus receive abundance in all areas of your life.

If you experience anxiety, depression, pain, insomnia, excess weight, addiction, a chronic illness, or have past trauma, this process will support you to heal it on a deeper level.

If you desire enhanced health, happiness and the opportunity to live the passionate, abundant life of your dreams, her book, programs, workshops, and retreats will help you to enjoy your life to the fullest.

About Tanya

Tanya Penny is an Occupational Therapist, Author, and Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach.

For 25 years of her life, she experienced anxiety, depression, pain, and she carried extra weight. In 2004, Tanya was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was a wake-up call that indicated there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release — issues that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch.

It wasn’t easy (she had to peel back the layers and really look into her Self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but she healed.
Now, Penny teaches the Therapeutic Meditation Process and the 10 Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Keys, trusting that they will find their way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and who are ready to take the journey of discovery that lies ahead.

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