Discover & Shift Limiting Beliefs {Key #1 – Part 3}

Today, we are diving into discovering and shifting your limiting or negative beliefs. This is part of “Connecting with the Divine You” key #1 in the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Blueprint. There are 9 self-connection areas, and your beliefs are a big one!

In the video, we are going to talk about why it’s important to discover your beliefs, where these beliefs come from, as well as tips & tools you can start using today to discover your beliefs and begin shifting them. Yay!

Why take the time to discover and shift your beliefs? We’re going to begin today and then go more deeply in the Vibrant Body & Abundant Body Mastery program. I invite you to check it out at the link below. The truth is that your beliefs 100% affect your behavior and your actions (or lack of). Your beliefs also cause emotions. They can cause happiness, peace or fear, anxiety, depression, anger (fill in the blank). If your beliefs are not in alignment with your true self, they’re holding you back in one or more life areas. That is how we end up eventually getting sick, because we’re not acting from a place of our heart’s desire, soul’s desire, our authentic self. We’re acting from those ego conditioned, limiting beliefs which are full of negativity, scarcity, etc. That’s why you want to take the time to discover and then learn tools to shift your beliefs.

Where do beliefs come from? In a nutshell, they come from family, religion, cultures, society. Also from past experiences you had where something traumatic, unpleasant, or challenging happens…and then you make up a story, a “belief” around why that happened. You’re usually not conscious/aware that you’re doing that, it just automatically happens. That’s the way the mind works.

We have beliefs in each of seven life areas: Self (how we talk to and treat ourselves), Health (mind and body), Love/Relationships, Spirituality, Money/Material, Passions (hobbies) and Purpose/Career. When you’re working with me in a program, one of the things I do is help you to uncover those self-limiting beliefs that you’ve been holding onto that have ultimately made you sick, whether it’s anxiety, depression, weight gain, addiction (many addictions) or an illness like Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, thyroid, you name it.

Here are some tips and tools that you can start using today to begin to shift your beliefs.

1) First discover what beliefs you hold. There are a couple of ways to do this. Look at your past history. When looking at a certain life area, you want to ask yourself “given what I saw and heard, what happened to me, and/or how I was treated or not treated when I was growing up, what belief might I hold about myself and that life area”?
Then look at your current reality. For example, look at your relationships/love. Let’s say that you’re in a relationship that is very controlling, maybe verbally abusive. A Lot of my clients have suffered from abuse in the past and are currently in what I would consider to be an abusive relationship- control, manipulation, verbal and maybe even physical and/or sexual. If you are in that type of relationship, I’m guaranteeing that you must be holding a belief that says, I’m not good enough, I deserve to be treated that way (some combo of that), because you were treated a certain way growing up, maybe you didn’t receive respect, maybe you were controlled or abused growing up. There are many beliefs, but I am just picking the most common. If you’re struggling with finding the belief, a lot of people come to me so that I can help them discover what those beliefs are. I look at your history, and your current reality, and I can find the belief. That’s part of my genius, my intuition, my talent. There are going to be a few core ones, it’s not like we have to go through a million beliefs to fix or shift it.

2) Once you find the beliefs, write them down. Don’t leave them just running around in your head, face them. Then write an opposite truth, even if you don’t believe it right now.

3) Next learn tools to support you to shift them. Many people use EFT or one of many other tools. One of the tools that I teach/give you is the Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice. Those of you that are in my free community, have a sample practice to try out. I put a few of the most common ones in there, but you can insert your own beliefs too. If you’re in my Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Mastery Program, you receive guided practices that actually have beliefs that are specific to each of the keys & life areas. If you choose to one on one coach with me, we can also record personalized practices. So I recommend to go use the sample practice if you are in my free community and those of you that are in my program know, that whatever is the biggest issue at the time, you’re going to use that guided practice related to that key/life area to help to shift your beliefs. The cool thing is that you don’t have to stay awake as you listen, because beliefs are held in the subconscious mind and more easily accessed when asleep. If you fall asleep, it’s still working and possibly even better. Other times you’ll stay awake and that’s ok too. Sometimes we’re meant to shift them more consciously.

Get started with those tips and tools today, and then if you want more guidance, support, wisdom and tools check out the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Mastery program. If you have any questions or want to chat with me to see if one of my programs is a good fit for you, email me at If you know of anyone else this may resonate with or maybe they need this message, please feel free to pass it on.

I’m so happy that you took the time to watch the video/read the blog. If you have any comments or questions, email me at I look forward to supporting you soon!

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Healing Your Emotions, Trauma & Illness {Key #1 – Part 2}

Hello! I’m Tanya Penny, your Self-Love Catalyst, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life coach. We are diving into part two of Connecting with the Divine You- connecting with your breath, body, symptoms/feelings and emotions. This is a “taster” and for those of you who want to dive deeper…join us for the complete Connecting With the Divine You program. AND if you want to learn all 10 keys, then join us for the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Mastery program. Let’s dive in!

Feelings or symptoms in our body, from a mind/body healing perspective, are letting us know that we are out of alignment or balance in one or more areas of our life. The seven life areas are self (how we talk to and treat ourselves), health (mind and body), spirituality, passions, purpose, money/material and love/ relationships. When your body gives you a symptom, what we typically do is we get afraid or angry and try to resist it, push it away. When really what we want to begin to do, if you haven’t already, is to get curious and ask the symptom/feeling/area in your body “Why are you here? What is it you are trying to tell me or show me?” What I often do is have my clients use, as a reference, the Louise Hay book “Heal Your Body”. If you have the big version, look in the back as it lists all the symptoms that you might have and gives you the probable mental and/or emotional causes. That can often be helpful to decipher the clues that the body is giving you, where in your life you are out of balance.

I’m going to give you a few quick examples, then we’ll get into this a lot more in the program.
I had MS. MS symptoms/autoimmune disorders typically have to do with you attacking yourself. So you might ask yourself, how am I attacking myself (thoughts, word and/or actions)? Pain is often associated with the emotion of guilt, which brings up a really good side note.

People often use feelings and emotions as the same thing. When you are working with me in any of my programs, feelings are physical sensations in the body and emotions are anger, anxiety, joy, happiness, peacefulness, sadness, insecurity…the list goes on and on, frustration, those are all the emotions. In mind/body philosophy, which is what I teach, there is definitely a connection. When you have an emotion, typically what most of us do is stuff it because we were taught to do that growing up, maybe not all of them but some of them. Most didn’t see healthy ways to deal with emotions so we stuff them and eventually they come out in our body as a feeling. So guilt is often associated with pain. Fear can really be anywhere in the body so that’s why you need a little more guidance, insight, working with somebody like myself or other coaches that do mind/body healing philosophy, to give you a little more direction, guidance on that. Shame and guilt are often stored in the body as excess weight. Anger can also be excess weight. Thyroid issues are often associated with anger and/or fear because we’re holding back, we’re not speaking up. A lot of us have headaches and/or migraines because we are criticizing ourselves and/or pushing ourselves too hard. Fatigue can be due to you pushing yourself too hard/doing too much, it can also be due to resistance, not doing something you’re meant to do, boredom or all three. So that’s just a little sprinkling. Join us in Connecting with the Divine You program for more help in diagnosing and finding the root cause of the feeling/symptom in your body, the illness/disease. I would love to support you.

Our body is our barometer- both feelings and emotions. So again, most of us were not taught how to feel and release our emotions. We were taught to stuff them with food, alcohol, shopping “therapy”, getting really busy so you don’t have to feel something or think about it. Typically whatever you saw growing up is what you’re going to do when it comes to emotions. Not many of us had healthy role models so one of the things we work on in the programs is me teaching you healthy ways to deal with and feel your emotions. One of my greatest teachers, Carolyn Myss, says “you have to feel it to heal it”. A lot of us who have past trauma, and now illness, is because we have stuffed emotions in our body. Emotions are caused by beliefs. Holding onto “negative” self-limiting beliefs causes us to have negative emotions which then end up coming out in our bodies as “feelings” or negative symptoms. That’s the connection in a nutshell.

One of the ways I recommend you start to become aware of, feel and release your emotions is: In the morning, asking yourself what emotions are present right now and writing them down. Asking the question, “what am I feeling in my body and what emotions are present” and write those down, acknowledging what they are. Just acknowledging them can make a big difference.

Then I recommend using a guided TMP practice, that’s one of the main tools that I use and teach in my programs. If you’re in one of my programs, you’re going to receive many on many different topics, keys, belief systems. There’s a sample practice for you is you are not currently in a program. You can find that HERE. That’s going to help you to be with and feel the emotion without letting it consume you or getting stuck in it. I recommend you use it every day, for one to two weeks and to see how that feels and it’s helping you to shift. A lot of times that’s what we’re afraid of. We’re not taught what to do with our emotions. We have beliefs that say it’s not even okay to feel them. It’s wrong, not ok, going to cause conflict to feel them, much less express them to somebody else. Just us showing up for ourselves emotionally will often make a huge impact on healing the symptoms/feelings in your body.

You might see the connection or again you can go look in Louise Hay’s book “Heal Your Body” for more guidance. Remember that a lot of these emotions are stuffed from a long time ago, not even current things that are happening, it can be both as well.

Our body wants to be healthy and is simply giving you information, clues as to where you are out of alignment with your true self, your spirit, your authentic self, whatever you want to call it. That is the only reason why we have symptoms and disease. Now, I can hear some people saying, ya but everyone in my family has diabetes or high blood pressure or you know, thyroid issues or fill in the blank right. Yes those things can be passed down but they are still connected to emotions and belief systems, and you can heal them. Just because they are your DNA. cells rejuvenate every seven days so doing this work can actually help you to heal things that are “passed down by your family members”.

So there’s your little taste of feelings and emotions, looking at our bodies as friends not foes. Thanks for joining me and if you want more guidance, more wisdom, more tools and support, I would love to support you. Find more information below and if you have questions or just want to chat, feel free to email me at and I’ll get back to you soon. Have an amazing day and week. If you know someone who can benefit from this message, feel free to pass it on.

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Autoimmune Disorders & Attacking Yourself

Sadly, I began “attacking” myself when I was very young…probably around the age of 7 or 8 years old, or perhaps even earlier.

As with most of us, it started with my thoughts. A little voice in my head judging me and telling me I was stupid, ugly, fat, and never doing enough or good enough.

These attacking thoughts led to nasty, unkind words I would hear myself speak out loud when looking in the mirror, reading my report card or if I made a “mistake”.

My words lead to destructive actions… physically pushing myself too hard at work, starving myself(or binging), drinking too much, putting others needs first, and allowing men to treat me like shit to name a few.

Even though I rarely attack myself anymore, writing this still stirs up lots of emotions for me as I believe my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis was due to me attacking myself.

Truth: Any Autoimmune Disorder is caused by the body attacking itself. In other words, YOU attacking yourself with your thoughts, words, and actions.

As you may know, I have healed myself of the M.S. and am passionate about supporting others to heal Autoimmune Disorders and illness too. Despite what western medicine says, A.I. can be healed.

Learn how you can heal your Autoimmune Disorder:

Love, Laughter, & Light, Tanya 🙂

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Shift Your Focus to What’s Important

Today’s message is again one of a more serious nature. I attended a memorial service this weekend for a friend. When someone close to us dies, especially when that death is unexpected, when they pass a lot earlier in life than what is normal, it brings up a lot of stuff.

Not only grief and sadness of course, but it also shines a light on things within ourselves. We reflect on what our lives mean and also what is important to us. What in our lives do we need to change or refocus on?

Today I want to pose this question to you:

Are you spending your time on what you truly think is important in your life?

I know for me and a lot of my clients, we’ve talked about how we can get focused on things because, yes, they’re necessary — things like money or work.

But sometimes we put all the focus on that, when we want to balance our focus:

-Relationships in our life
-Time to play and do things we enjoy
-Time to rest and to just be

All of these things are within our control and keep us healthy and living longer.

Today I want you to look at the balance in your life, what’s important to you and where you’re truly putting your time. Are you spending a lot of time and energy on working, on doing or on worrying about things that aren’t really that important to you?

I know for me I have a tendency to be a workaholic. I love what I do. It is one of my passions. But I have to be careful because it can also be a curse. It’s a double-edge sword. So when my friend passed, I got to look at and reflect on my balance and see that I was putting too much time into work and focusing on money.

I needed to shift and reflect and find more balance in my life and make more time for friends, family, loved ones and for myself — playing and resting — because I had been working way too hard.

I would like you to take some time to think about that in the next few days and weeks. It’s a good idea to make it a habit to reflect on this regularly so that you don’t wait until the big things knock you back and force you to focus. They don’t happen often, hopefully, for most of us.

If this video resonated with you, please like it below and share it with others. Thanks for watching, Have a great day and a great week. Tanya 🙂

P.S. If you would like more coaching support to make important changes and shift to living your healthy, balanced, passionate life please CLICK HERE to find out all the ways!

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Healing Grief and Loss-Part 4

Watch this video for a meditation exercise to help you heal grief and loss. Click Here for a therapeutic program to help you process and heal grief and loss.

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