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I am so happy you found your way here.

Let’s talk about stress.

Perhaps you struggle with negative self-talk, physically pushing yourself too hard, trying to please everyone, over-scheduling, or putting your needs & desires last. These all contribute to feeling stressed.

Maybe you don’t take the time, energy, or money to nurture you daily – mind, body, and spirit. This can create lots of stress too.

Stress can cause you to sleep poorly, create negative symptoms in your body – stomach issues, fatigue, excess weight, headaches, or chronic illness – pain, anxiety, depression, Thyroid, Autoimmune Disorder.

Stress can also negatively affect your relationships, your work, and block you from receiving more guidance & money.

If any of this sounds familiar, and you have a desire to change it, then you are in the right place.

I had many clues that I needed to find healthy ways to decrease stress in my life – anxiety, depression, stomach issues, and excess weight … but I didn’t fully listen or make the necessary changes until Multiple Sclerosis knocked at my door.

It hasn’t been a fast or easy journey, but learning to stress less, have a more balanced lifestyle, nurture myself daily, plus keep healthy boundaries with myself and others has been Key to healing my body, emotions, and all other areas of my life.

If you struggle with any of the above, then I invite you to join me for this program. I will be sharing all the wisdom and tools I learned on my journey (and still use today).

This is the 4th year I’m teaching this live virtual program. My hope is that it will support you as it has so many others.

I look forward to guiding & walking with you on your journey.

xoxo Tanya 🙂

A Peak Into Your Program Keys

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  • Stress & Life Balance
  • Stress is the #1 cause and progression of excess weight, depression, pain and chronic illness. It also blocks your creativity and guidance. Stress is often caused by doing too much, trying to be perfect, and attempting to please everyone. Learn how to shift the beliefs that cause your stress, tools to relax your body and mind, plus create a balanced lifestyle with lots of REST and PLAY, so you can heal, feel peaceful and happy.

  • Nurture Your Body
  • Were you taught how to listen to what your body needs and nurture yourself? Most of us didn’t see our parents do so, and therefore never learned this skill. Making time daily to nurture your body with the food, rest, and movement it is asking for is necessary to heal and stay healthy. We can’t fully live our purpose, passions, or spend time with loved ones if we are burnt out or sick. Learn how to listen to your body and what it needs on a daily basis (it can change day to day), plus tools discover & release the blocks and beliefs that can hold you back from fully doing so.

  • Your Truth & Boundaries
  • Not speaking & acting from your truth can make you depressed, gain weight, and create illness. Release the need to please others and stop tolerating unacceptable behavior. Learn tools to move beyond fear so you can express your needs, wants, desires, plus set & keep healthy boundaries with yourself, family, friends, clients, etc., so you can heal and fully live your passions & purpose.

How It Works

Once you purchase the program by clicking a button below, you’ll receive an email with your steps to get started, a coaching questionnaire, and a link to your online membership site so you’ll have immediate access to all your program materials and resources to support you on your journey. There are (1-2) audio lessons, (2) guided meditation practices (a short and long practice), and at least (1) self-healing process for each Key.

The guided therapeutic meditation practices support you to plant the seeds for what you desire, relax your body & mind, understand negative body symptoms, feel & release emotions, and shift the belief systems (this life, past life, ancestors) that are causing you stress and keeping you from nurturing you, speaking your truth, and setting boundaries. They can be done sitting or lying down, and it is okay to fall asleep while listening. The self-healing processes are more active and support you to heal your unresolved past trauma on a deeper level.

We’ll meet for (2) live virtual classes each month (attend via webcast or phone) to discuss the monthly Key & tools you learn in the audio lessons. During these calls you can ask me questions and receive personal guidance on your health issues, plus other life areas. If you can’t attend live, you can email me questions and listen to your answers when you receive the class replay download.

Listen To A Sample Live Class

Live Virtual Class Dates (Pacific Time – Find Your Timezone)

September 25 @ 4pm and September 30 @ 11am
October 22 @ 11am and October 31 @ 4pm
November 12 @ 11am and November 20 @ 4pm

Receive monthly personal guidance via email – You can send me (3) emails with questions about the program content, your health, life struggles, etc. I will then record a 5-10 minute audio MP3 with personal guidance and email it to you.

Receive a special recorded message (audio or video) from me each Monday to support you during the upcoming week, plus an invitation to our private Facebook community where you receive support from me and other’s on their self-healing journey. Participate as much or as little as you like. There are no have-to’s or should’s in this program.

Listen To A Sample Weekly Audio Message

Bonuses – “Fill Your Cup & Keep It Full” audio MP3.

What’s Included

  • (6) 60 minute live virtual group classes + MP3 downloads (2 for each Key)
  • (3) 60 minute audio lessons and outlines (2 for each Key)
  • (6) Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practices (2 for each Key)
  • (3) Self-Healing Processes (1 for each Key)
  • (3) Private coaching emails with personal guidance
  • An audio message sent to your inbox each Monday
  • Private online community for ongoing support during the live program months
  • Bonus: “Fill Your Cup & Keep It Full” Audio MP3

I’m ready to stress less & nurture me.

1 Payment $228

3 Payments $88


* Join me for all 10 Keys in Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Journey (This program included)

Want to work with me privately, too?

tanya meditating Many people also want to work with me privately to address what’s going on in their health and lives. I truly love to do this as it gives you the best (and fastest) results. If you’d like more personal attention as you walk along your healing path, I have a few spaces open at this time.

In addition to all in the group program above, this option includes (2) 50 minute private sessions with me (phone or Zoom) to support you on your path to healing illness, past trauma, or any area of your life that’s in ‘breakdown.’ I’ll walk with you as you connect the dots, shine light on what you are ready to see, and support you to make changes that will move you forward on your path to healing, health and happiness. I’ll be your cheerleader and your confidante, encouraging you as you discover your own answers on your journey to healing.

This option also includes (3) months of energy work, and a signed copy of my Connect with The Divine You book.

1 Payment of $778

3 Payments of $278


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ClassesI’m Tanya Penny, OTR, Author, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach. I support and teach you to heal past trauma and chronic illness using my mind-body-spirit methodology. For 25 years of my life, I experienced anxiety, depression, pain, and carried extra weight. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was my wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy (I had to peel back the layers and really look into my self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but I healed. I believe there is a place and a time for doctors and Western medicine, but if you are 100% committed to healing all areas of your life, your soul is called to go on a journey as well. Now, I teach the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.) and the 10 Keys to a Vibrant Body & Abundant Life™, trusting that it will find its way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to take the journey.

Disclaimer: The information, materials, and attachments contained herein are designed for educational purposes only and may not be reproduced in any manner or format without specific written permission from Tanya Penny, and/or Yoga for Healing, PLLC. This information is not designed or intended to provide guarantees of any kind nor to be considered medical advice, medical diagnosis, or medical treatment. Tanya Penny, and/or Yoga for Healing, PLLC., and any and all associates of Tanya Penny, and/or Yoga for Healing, PLLC., shall not be responsible or liable for any medical, financial, or other claims inferred from these materials. You are solely responsible for continuing with your own medical treatment and care. Any statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Results are affected by a number of factors over which we have no control. Where specific examples are quoted from individuals there is no guarantee implied or otherwise that you will do as well. In the event that you use the information for your own health, you are prescribing for yourself which is your constitutional right and for which the author and publisher of this program assume no responsibility. The information is provided for educational purposes only. It is not intended to replace or substitute for conventional medical care, or encourage its abandonment.


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