Cultivate Self-Love & Trust

~ 3-Month Journey ~

Do you struggle with accepting a part of you (or all of you)? You’re NOT alone. 🙁

Most of us struggle with fully accepting and loving ourselves (look at your thoughts, words & actions).

Please don’t beat yourself up for this, as you likely didn’t learn HOW to love yourself. Your parents didn’t know how to either…so were not able to model it for you (we often unconsciously do what we see/hear).

Not fully accepting & loving your Self (and not feeling good enough) are at the root of most health issues — pain, fatigue, excess weight, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic illness.

Not feeling lovable and worthy can also cause breakdown’s in your relationships, finances, life purpose/career, and making time to connect with yourself, your passions, and all you desire in life.

You may not fully love yourself or believe you are worthy for several other reasons too — You didn’t receive the love, attention, or emotional support you needed as a child (even though our parents did their best), you grew up with a critical parent, you experienced abuse (verbal, physical, sexual), or another type of trauma (bullying, divorce, adoption, illness or death of a parent…plus many more).

Not fully loving your self might look like: beating up on yourself for not doing enough or making a mistake, not making enough time for daily self-care, doing too much physically, being in a relationship that is not fulfilling or supportive (maybe even abusive), staying in a job you don’t like (perhaps even hate), over-giving your time or money, engaging in unhealthy patterns (over-eating, drinking, or spending too much). Plus many, many more. AGAIN, don’t use this awareness to criticize your Self. We can’t change what we are not aware of. Use it as fuel to change.

Also, if you do not accept and love yourself, you will not fully trust your Self: Hear and follow your guidance, make decisions that are best for you & your life (not what others think you SHOULD do). You’ll continue to look to others to feel worthy or lovable AND give you the answers (which are usually their answers, also based on their limiting beliefs + fears).

tanya at beachYour connection with and trust in “Something Bigger” will also suffer…as you won’t believe you are worthy of receiving the support, love, & guidance they have for you (whether you call it God, Buddha, Jesus, Universe, Source, etc.).

My journey to self-love has not been fast or easy. When I started back in 2004 (after my Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis), I was a 1-2 out of 10 on the self-love scale. By using the many tools and practices I learned and created, I did it. Today I’m at an 8-ish most days (I still have my “low” days too, but get out MUCH faster).

I also learned to trust myself again. I had made so many “bad” decisions in the past (said my inner critic). I wrote off Something Bigger when I turned 18 (I mean who wants to connect with a punishing, judging God). BUT through my healing journey, I learned I can believe in and trust my new loving Higher Levels to support me no matter what I do or don’t do.

This is the 9th year I’ll be teaching this journey. I would love for you to join me. I know it will support you as it has so many others.

xoxo Tanya 🙂

A Peek Into The Keys We’ll Be Covering

  • You Are Lovable & Worthy (June)

Cultivating 100% self-acceptance, love, and worth is essential for healing, having a healthy body, and receiving abundance in all life areas. Holding onto guilt, shame, and self-blame for what has happened in the past can keep you stuck in what you don’t want AND create anxiety, depression, weight issues, and illness. You’ll learn simple tools and practices to use daily to soothe your inner critic and heal deeper layers of your past wounds, so you can fully love yourself, embody your worth, and receive more love in all forms.

  • Trust Yourself (July)

We have learned to trust and value other people’s opinions instead of following our own desires and inner wisdom (This usually starts in childhood, when many of us had our power taken away). The truth is that we are the only ones that know what we need and what our heart truly desires. Learning to connect with, trust, and follow your guidance will support you in making positive shifts in your health and ALL areas of your life.

  • Trust Something Bigger (August)

We are all connected to “Something Bigger” (God, Source, Universe, Mother Nature, etc.) but have become disconnected due to: busyness, negative religious experiences, and experiencing past trauma. Cutting off this connection creates anxiety, depression, illness, and keeps you stuck in the vicious patterns of struggle and survival fear. Learn tools to re-connect, listen to, and follow your “Something Bigger” guidance so that you can make the necessary changes to co-create and live your healthy life of passion & purpose. The force is always with you (whether you believe/feel it or not).

How This Program Works

Once you purchase the program by clicking a button below, you’ll receive an email with your steps to get started and a link to your online membership site so you’ll have immediate access to all listed under “What’s Included” below.

We’ll meet for (2) live virtual classes each month via Zoom (phone or web/video). During these calls we’ll discuss the monthly Key, plus you can ask me questions and receive personal guidance on your health & life issues related to this Key. If you can’t attend live, you can email me questions and listen to your answers when you receive the class recording.

Live Virtual Class Dates 2022 (Pacific Time – Find Your Timezone)

June 15 and 22 @ 4pm PT
July 13 and 25 @ 4pm PT
August 17 and 24 @ 4pm PT

Receive personal guidance each month the program is live – You can send me (2) emails each month with questions about the program content, your health, life struggles, etc. I will then record a 5-10 minute audio with personal guidance and email it to you.

What’s Included

    • (6) 90 minute live virtual group classes + recordings (2 for each Key)
    • (1-2) Audio lessons and outlines (60 minutes for each Key)
    • (6) Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practices (2 for each Key)
    • (3) Self-Healing Processes (1 for each Key)
    • (3) Truth Loops (1 for each Key)
    • (6) Private coaching emails with personal guidance
    • Private online community for ongoing support during the live program months
    • Bonus 1: “Connect with The Divine You” Monthly Membership (June – August)
    • Bonus 2: “Clear 3 Blocks To Love & Trust” May bonus class download

Yes, I’m ready to fully love & trust ME.

1 Payment $228

3 Monthly Payments $88

*Join me for all 10 Keys in Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Journey (This program included)


Want to work with me privately, too?

tanya meditating Many people also want to work with me privately to address what’s going on in their health and lives. I truly love to do this as it gives you the best (and fastest) results. If you’d like more personal attention as you walk along your healing path, in addition to all in the group program above, this option includes my support and accountability on your path to healing illness, past trauma or any area of your life that’s in ‘breakdown.’ I’ll walk with you as you connect the dots, shine light on what you are ready to see, and support you to make changes that will move you forward on your path to healing, health and happiness. I’ll be your cheerleader and your confidante, encouraging you as you discover your own answers on your journey to healing.

This option includes all the above, PLUS (3) 60 minute private sessions via Zoom (phone or video/web), (3) months of energy work, and a signed copy of my “Connect with The Divine You” book.

1 Payment of $988

3 Payments of $368

*Join me for all 10 Keys in Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Journey (This program included)


I’m Tanya Penny, OTR, Author, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach. I teach and support you to fully love yourself, and heal past trauma & chronic illness using my mind-body-spirit methodology. For 25 years, I experienced anxiety, depression, pain, and carried extra weight. In 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was my wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy (I had to peel back the layers and really look into my self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but I healed. I believe there is a place and a time for doctors and Western medicine, but if you are 100% committed to healing all areas of your life, your soul is called to go on a journey as well. Now, I teach the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.) and the 10 Keys to a Vibrant Body & Abundant Life™, trusting that it will find its way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to take the journey.


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