Let’s explore some of the tools you can use on your healing journey.

On your journey to a vibrant body and an abundant life, it helps to have some great tools. These are the same tools that I and thousands of people in the Vibrant Body & Abundant Life community have used on their journey through the dark – whether it’s stomach issues, anxiety, deep sadness, excess weight, pain, or chronic illness.

So rest assured, these tools are proven. And they are gentle, too.

Sending you love, courage & light, Tanya 🙂

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Your Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Starter Kit

Tool #1 – The Ten Keys Blueprint Guide Click to download

Tool #2 – Therapeutic Meditation Practice

Click on the PLAY button to listen to the audio:

Instructions: This is a guided meditation. If you’re never tried meditation before, that’s totally okay – I will walk you through what to do in the lesson. Find a quiet spot, and lie down or sit in a comfortable position with your eyes closed. You can cover yourself with a light blanket and use an eye pillow if you like. (Note: don’t listen while you’re driving.)

It’s okay if you fall asleep and don’t hear a word — that actually works even better sometimes. You can’t do this wrong.

I recommend listening to the meditation every day for a week. (It’s okay if you want to listen 2-3 times a day, too; some people do!)

Listen in the morning to feel motivated, confidant, or understand and release a negative body symptom. Listen in the afternoon as an energy re-charge or healing nap. Listen after work to release stress and have more energy. Listen at bedtime to improve sleep and connect with healing or guidance.

Tool #3 – Mini “Key” Lesson: Cultivate Self-Acceptance, Love & Worth

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