Welcome. Thank you in advance for trusting me & applying for a Mother-Father Wound Healing session. You are here because you clicked a button/link. That means you want more support on your journey. That is the first step – and it’s an important one. Because everyone I work with has made a choice. That’s where change begins, with you being ready and willing.

    I invite you to take a deep breath and answer the questions below. There is no right or wrong answer, and I won’t judge you. Your answers are confidential and whatever you choose to tell me is up to you.

    I will email you no later than May 29 to let you know if you have been chosen to receive a private session (and a link to schedule if you have).

    I look forward to supporting you on your journey to connecting with the power of you Soul, rising above all your limits, and giving & receiving more love in all forms. xoxo Tanya 🙂

    What’s your first name?

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    1. Please Describe Your mother wound.

    2. Please Describe Your father wound.

    3. What attempts have you made to heal these wounds?

    4. What do you feel worked or didn’t work for you?

    5. What are your current health struggles?

    6. What’s motivating you to heal on a deeper level at this time?

    7. What positive changes would you like to see in your life from healing these wounds?

    8. How committed are you to doing the deeper healing work? What do you feel is your biggest block to doing so?