Cultivate Self-Love & Trust

Welcome! Congratulations on making you a priority and investing in this Program. It will support you to heal, fully love & trust you, and co-create your abundant life.

You will find all your materials below. You’ll receive an email 1-3 days prior to each live class with the details to attend via Zoom (phone or web). The replay downloads will be emailed to you within 24-48 hours after class.

Please be sure to add to your email contact list (“primary” box if gmail) so you don’t miss any important information about the program.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey, Tanya ๐Ÿ™‚
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To get the most benefit from this program I recommend you:

  • Please listen to the intro lesson on Connecting with The Divine You
  • Then listen to the first audio lesson below, take notes, and do the written work.
  • Listen to a guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice daily (Find practices below). Use as a recharge break mid-day and/or at bedtime. Remember it is okay to drift off or fall asleep AND you don’t have to hear a thing for them to work (deep healing occurs on a subconscious level). Never listen to the guided T.M.P practices while driving or play them out loud while someone else is driving.
  • Use the morning journal page and evening journal page every day.
  • Join our our private Facebook Page for tips, tools, inspiration, and support.
  • Order my “Connect with The Divine You” Book


To download recordings and PDF’s:
1. Right click on the download link (to right click on a mac, hold down the “Control” key while you click the link).
2. Select “Save link as”, “Download linked file as”, or “Save Target as”, depending on your web browser.


Release The 3P’s Program
CDY Monthly Membership Materials
Heal Trauma Audio 1 and Audio 2
Clear 3 Blocks To Loving & Trusting You Recording

Key Materials

Key 1: Connecting with The Divine You Audio Lesson 1 Download

Key 2: You Are Lovable & Worthy

Self-Love Intro Audio and Video

Audio 1 and Outline
Audio 2 and Outline
Live Classes June 15 and 22 @ 4pm Pacific
Guided T.M.P. Practice 1 and Practice 2
Self-Love Healing Process
Self-Love Healing Practice

Key 3: Trust Your Self

Self-Trust Intro Video

Audio 1 and Outline
Audio 2 and Outline
Live Classes July 13 and 20 @ 4pm Pacific
Guided T.M.P. Practice 1 and Practice 2
Self-Trust Process
Mini Process
The Guest House Poem
Feelings and Emotions List
5 Self-Support Areas Document

Key 4: Trust Something Bigger

Intro Audio and Video (same content)

Audio and Outline
Live Classes August 17 & 24 @ 4pm Pacific
Guided T.M.P. Practice 1 and Practice 2
Connection Practice 1 and Practice 2
Trust SB Process

Recommended Resources:

Retreats — Locations


doTERRA Oils:
ORDER HERE (click “shop for oils”, then “oil blends” or “single oils”).
Order the Book Emotions & Essential Oils, 5th Edition: A Modern Resource for Healing

To sign up for a doTerra wholesale account please contact

  • Bergamot (self-acceptance, love, worth and trust)
  • Ylang Ylang Single Oil (to release stress and invite joy and PLAY!)
  • Wild Orange (To invite abundance in all areas)
  • Balance Blend (need I say more ๐Ÿ™‚ )
  • Breathe Blend (to release sadness, grief, anxiety)
  • “Slim and Sassy” Metabolic Blend (for metabolism, and self-acceptance of body)
  • Digestzen Blend (to improve digestion and “tummy troubles”)
  • On Guard Blend (Great for when you are sick, flying/traveling, or dealing with “toxic” people)
  • Focus Blend (Calms the mind, facilitating inner peace – connect and tune in to ourselves)

Recommended use of these oils:

  • Each oil states on the bottle if you can digest, use topically, or aromatically
  • If to digest put a drop in water (glass container)
  • If topical put a drop in hands, rub, and then rub on area of body you “dislike”, has a negative symptom, that just feels “right”
  • If aromatic place a drop(s) in hands, rub, and smell
  • You can also use in an air diffuser
  • ORDER HERE (click “shop for oils”, then “oil blends” or “single oils”)