Creating Life Balance 101

Welcome! I am so excited to share with you how to release stress and overwhelm so you can create more life balance, a healthy lifestyle, and live the passionate life of your dreams. I will be sharing with you the tools I have used to heal anxiety, depression, weight, body shame, multiple sclerosis, and the relentless inner critic! You can start by downloading the PDF outline and listening to the audio lesson below.

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Love, Tanya 🙂

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Your Creating Life Balance Gift:

1. Please download and print your prep work/class outline Creating Balance 101 Outline . I recommend you take some time prior to listening to the class to read and fill out Section I and II of the outline.

2. Listen to the Creating Life Balance Class:

3. Listen to the “Create Balance” Guided Practice MP3

Practice Recommendations: Use the balance guided practice MP3 daily to free your stress and feel balanced (physically, mentally, and emotionally. You can use in the am to start your day, at lunch as a re-charge or rest break, after work to free work stress before you spend time with loved ones, or at bedtime to relax you mind and fall asleep. Use the practice while lying down or seated in a comfortable position with eyes closed (NEVER while driving). You can’t do it wrong and it is okay to drift off or fall asleep. You don’t have to hear a thing for it to work.

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