Your Holiday Toolkit Program

November 2023 – February 2024

Perhaps you love AND hate this time of year (like I used to)…

The joy, the yummy food, the parties, the family, the cookies, the gifts, the pressures, the memories, the anticipation, the overwhelm, the eating too much, the sickness, the excitement, the crashes, the possibilities, the disappointments, the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of belonging, the feeling of not enough time, the feeling of not enough, period…

And your body and health? Maybe you always get sick this time of year. Or you get headaches. Perhaps your stomach hurts more, your fatigue pulls you down, your pain or other negative symptoms flare up.

This year WILL be different.

You CAN feel more peaceful, healthy, whole and responsive (not reactive) as the year wraps up.

You CAN feel the joy and excitement of the holidays.

And you CAN glide into January without all the guilt, anxiety, depression, extra weight or other negative stuff.

My friend, this is your invitation:

Yes, it’s all possible. And here’s what I suggest: put me in your back pocket. Let me guide you through this often challenging time. Helping you to wrap up your year with a feeling of peace, and start 2024 with a healthy body and passionate fire in your belly.

tanya meditatingMake time for yourself this winter – I’ll help you do it. Each month, you’ll discover a Key to bringing more peace into your every day life as the year winds down, and more energizing passion as you begin the year ahead.

Gift yourself peace, health, and happiness. Find all the details below.

I look forward to guiding & supporting you. XOXO Tanya

Take A Peak Into Your Toolkit…

Your Truth & Boundaries (November)

Want to feel more peaceful, joyful and energized? Enjoy time with family and friends without giving yourself away. Set and keep healthy boundaries with compassion, and give yourself permission to only say YES to what you really WANT to do. We’ll talk about simple yet powerful ways to make it happen. Plus you’ll receive tools to shift the fears that could keep you from doing so. Hallelujah! Live Gatherings: November 15 and 29 @ 4pm Pacific

Love & Relationships (December)

During this month, we dive deeper into healing our past relationship wounds (mother, father, siblings, partners, friends, boss/coworkers, etc.) and co-creating a new relationship blueprint so we can attract new, healthy, loving, supportive people into our lives. Learn the art of navigating ALL relationships with more compassion, ease AND receiving the love, honor, and support you desire & deserve. Yes, we will also talk about how to deal with those in your life that are narcissistic. Live Gatherings: December 13 & 20 @ 4pm Pacific.

Passions & Purpose (January)

“How can I discover and more fully live my purpose? What really light’s me up AND how can I make time for it?” Great questions! We’ll dive into discovering and nurturing your passions and Soul’s purpose in 2024 and beyond… while clearing those limiting beliefs & fears that may be holding you back. Live Gatherings January 24 and 31 @ 4pm Pacific

Your Money Flow (February)

Long to feel 100% wealthy in all areas of your life? We’ll look at your relationship with money – without judgment, and with complete compassion and curiosity. Discover and shift any scarcity, struggle, or over-giving patterns so your 2024 unfolds in abundant flow. Make the dance of giving & receiving part of your way of being wealthy and relating to others. Live Gatherings February 21 and 28 @ 4pm Pacific

How It Works

Once you purchase the program by clicking a button below, you’ll receive an email with the link to your membership page where you can get started with your audio lessons, guided therapeutic meditation practices, and self-healing process for Your Truth & Boundaries + Release The 3P’s bonus.

You’ll receive 60 minutes of audio on the month’s Key– these include wisdom plus simple tools. You can listen when it works for you – when you cook, as you drive, while going for a walk, or when you’re cleaning or taking a bath.

Download the relaxing guided therapeutic meditation practices- a simple yet powerful tool. For each Key, receive a 15 minute practice (listen to midday, after work or before a party- to recharge and release stress) AND a 30 minute practice (great at bedtime or for weekend naps- to have more energy, shift limiting beliefs, and plant the seeds for what you desire). You’ll also receive (2) more powerful tools of mine for each Key – a self-healing process and truth loop. They will support you to listen to your body, feel your emotions, shift limiting beliefs & fears, discover & plant the seeds for your Soul desires, and so much more.

You can send me a private email each month (November – February) with your questions – health concerns, Key questions, and other life struggles. I will then record and email you a 5-10 minute audio MP3 with personalized guidance.

You’ll also receive a group email with a recorded audio message from me each Monday to support you during the upcoming week, plus an invitation to our private Facebook community where you can receive support from me & other’s on their self-healing journey. Participate as much or as little as you like. There are no have-to’s or should’s in this program. 🙂

During our (2) 90 minute live virtual monthly gatherings, you’ll have time to share, ask any questions, and receive guidance from me on the Keys, plus specific challenges and situations in your life (health, relationships, money, etc.). All classes will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, you can email me your questions and then download and listen when it works for you – when you cook, as you drive, while going for a walk, or when you’re cleaning or taking a bath. I provide a very safe container for my classes. Everyone who is live will have an opportunity to share & receive my support. You will leave feeling seen, heard, accepted, and loved.

What’s Included

  • (2) Live 90 minute virtual gatherings + downloads (each month)
  • (1) Private coaching email (each month)
  • 60 Minutes of Key audio lessons (each month)
  • (1) 15 & 30 Minute Key Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice (each month)
  • (1) Self-Healing Process (each month)
  • (1) Truth Loop (each month)
  • A Monday email with audio message to encourage & support you
  • More goodies – a private online community, Holiday Toolkit Intro Class, Stop Stuffing workshop, EXPAND 2024 live workshop.
  • Bonus: “Release The 3P’s” virtual program (Sign up by November 15)

Yes, I’m ready for my Holiday Toolkit!

1 Payment $318

4 Payments $88

Want to work with me privately, too?

tanya meditating Many people also want to work with me privately to address what’s going on in their health and lives. I truly love to do this as it gives them the best (and fastest) results. I’ll walk with you as we connect the dots, shine light on what you are ready to see, and support you to make changes that will move you forward on your path to full health, happiness, and fully living your purpose.

This option includes all the above, PLUS (4) 60 minute private sessions (phone or Zoom) + MP3 recordings that you can use at any time during the program.

1 Payment $1328

4 Monthly Payments $368

ClassesTanya Penny is an OTR, Intuitive, Illness & Trauma Guide, Author of Connect with The Divine You book & journals. She teaches, empowers, and supports you to heal your body & past trauma, fully love & be your true Self, and wake up to the powerful Soul that you are using her Mind-Body-Soul methodology. Tanya experienced anxiety, depression, pain, GI issues, and had challenges with weight & eating disorders. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was her first wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy (she had to peel back the layers and really look into her Self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but she completely healed. Tanya is the creator of and teaches the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.), Release The 3P’s, and the 10 EVOLVE Keys™, trusting that they will find their way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to go deeper on their journey. She supports you on your journey through virtual private sessions & group programs, and in-person retreats.