You Are Lovable & Worthy {Key #2}

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I’m Tanya Penny, Self-Love Catalyst, Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Coach. In this video I will be giving a mini-lesson on key #2 of the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Blueprint – Cultivating Self-Acceptance, Love and Worth. I’ll be giving you a taste of this key. If you haven’t signed-up to learn about all 10 keys yet, you can receive the Guide and Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice by clicking here.

When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004 (and weight, anxiety, depression, pain and headaches before then), and was searching on how to heal it, what I found was that cultivating self-acceptance, love and worth is key to not only heal all of it, but to also receive abundance in all areas of your life- love, money, purpose, passions, all of it. One of the most common beliefs in the world is that “I’m not acceptable, lovable, or worthwhile” (or some version of that). I haven’t met one person who doesn’t struggle with this belief to some degree.

The beliefs you hold create what you are experiencing and receiving in life. They can hold you back or support you to have a healthy, abundant life. Your beliefs come mainly from your childhood – the way that you were treated or not treated, what you also saw or heard growing up. We look back but we don’t stare…and we are not here to blame anybody. The truth is we all struggle with the “not enough” belief to some degree, including our parents. Example- I grew up with a father who was very critical (of himself, me, my mother, other people) and perfectionistic. The “not good enough” seed was planted. I also saw my mother not having a lot of acceptance and love for herself. She stayed in an abusive relationship for 16 years, often put herself second or last due to giving her time and attention to other people. She also criticized herself and her body. So those experiences are part of why I struggled with self-acceptance & love. I also had other abuse growing up which made me feel that there must be something wrong with me (or I wouldn’t have been abused). In a nutshell, it is the experiences of your past and past lives that have formed your “not good enough, lovable, worthwhile” beliefs.

So how do we shift these beliefs? Learn to accept and love ourselves more? Embody our worthiness? Listen to the audio or watch the video above to receive tips & tools to cultivate acceptance, love and worth.

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