2024 – The Year of Opening to Your Soul Purpose

Susann Taylor Shier is an international acclaimed author, spiritual counselor and healer, medical intuitive, and medium. She is the founder of Soul Mastery, reads the Akashic Records, and teaches how to access and live from the magnificence of your soul gifts, strengths and purposes in this world. She has a rare gift of catalyzing the luminous bridge between your soul and your reunion with a life of joy in an easy, practical way. Her natural ability to inspire and uplift all she touches activates each one’s magnificence and unique mastery for infinite possibilities in life to emerge. Susann has inspired and helped tens of thousands for over thirty years, combining her exquisite connection to the divine with her training as a psychotherapist, inspiring the revelation of each person’s inherent spiritual wealth to flourish and thrive. Susann’s heart wisdom will open you to live authentically, create a life you love, and help you access your soul power, passion and purpose.

  • Listen to the conversation & receive Susann’s Ignite Your Unique Soul Purpose & “Practical Magic Gift

The New Paradigm of Purpose

Ronda Renée, founder of Divine Navigation® and creator of the Divine Coordinates® process, has led countless people to success. Ronda guides business leaders and individuals to the extraordinary life their Soul has in store for them. Ronda is an internationally recognized speaker, facilitator and three time best-­selling author guiding individuals and industry leaders to the success and fulfillment that can only be experienced by living, loving and leading in alignment with your Soul. Personal growth, taken to an entirely new level, Ronda continues to lead people through the astounding self discovery and personal transformation required to finally be living their most elevated, purpose driven life.

  • Listen to the conversation & receive Ronda’s Your Soul’s Gateway Gift

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