Do you know your Soul’s Purpose? Fully living it?

Desire to be a greater contribution (to others & your Self)?

Want more time to do ALL you love & receive money with ease?

Feel called to start or grow your healing, coaching, or creative business?

tanya meditatingI’m Tanya Penny, OTR, Author, Illness & Trauma Guide, Spiritual Alchemist, Intuitive Business Coach. In 2010, I took a leap of faith and followed my Soul’s calling to start my brick & mortar Occupational Therapy business in Idaho. In 2013, I again took a leap and followed my Soul’s calling to move into virtual healing & coaching. Today, I support clients all over the world virtually, in person, and at retreats.

I’m here to tell you that your Soul choose a specific purpose for you that NO ONE else can be. AND you are meant to share it with others.

I support my divine clients to fully live their Soul’s purpose (and grow their Soul-aligned business if that’s their calling), heal, & co-create a life they love.

And without depleting your Self.

I am Soooooul excited to support you to do so too! xoxo Tanya 🙂

Audio Library

You’ll receive both mindset & business trainings – both are equally important to grow your business and stay healthy, happy, fulfilled.

  • Abundant Biz, Bank, & Beautiful Life Blueprint Training Start the program by envisioning and designing your abundant business & life (includes prosperity, biz, and marketing blueprints).
  • Divine Clients, Programs, & Pricing Create programs your divine clients won’t be able to resist. Charge prices that honor you. Learn how to easily fill your programs (1:1 & group) and avoid payment pitfalls.
  • FREE Event Mastery Learn how to craft & give amazing FREE events (in-person or virtual) with irresistible offers that will excite & inspire your Divine clients to easily say yes to working with you (includes technology training in mailchimp & Zoom).
  • Confidence & Worth Embody your worth so you can make describe your programs, the results your divine clients will get, and make offers with confidence, ease and flow.
  • Nurture Your Community & Clients Connect with your divine clients, grow and nurture your community list with free gifts, videos, FB posts, and more (includes a lesson on how to record audio lessons & create simple videos with ease). Learn the keys to providing amazing client care, so they will easily come back for more (and more)!
  • Client Enrollment Offer paid or complimentary 1:1 sessions and learn how to have easy enrollment conversations to support potential clients to say “yes” to your programs (including scripts)!
  • Marketing Magic Market your services with a heart-centered approach – includes how to market your services and products with free, paid, & partnerships.
  • Master Your Money Discover & release your money blocks and limiting beliefs so you can receive more money and create a solid financial foundation.
  • Move Beyond Fear & Cultivate Trust Tap into your inner wisdom and creative flow so that you can make decisions that are right for you and your business. Release your fears, self-doubt, and perfection so you can co-create the abundant business and life of your dreams.
  • Opt-in & Program Pages Create opt-in & program pages that speak to your divine clients (includes easy to use templates and website code).
  • Website Creation Create a simple website that won’t break the bank & has all the essentials to reach your divine clients.
  • Time Abundance Create an abundance of time to do all that you love. Stop over-giving. Learn how to work smarter not harder, and have lots of time for rest & play!

How It Works

Once you join by clicking a button below, I will send you an email with your steps to get started including information to login and access your online memberships with all the materials (audio lessons, guided meditations, processes, other resources) to support you on your journey.

You will receive a link to schedule your first private session with me (phone or Zoom). Before the session you’ll fill out a coaching questionnaire so I can get to know you, your business & life vision, and your struggles. We will also discuss if adding more private sessions would be in the highest for you (and how many).

Each month you can send me (2) emails with purpose, biz, health, life questions. I will then record and email you a 5-10 minute audio MP3 with personalized guidance to support you to move forward.

We’ll meet each month for (1) live 90 minute group call where I support you to receive Soul guidance on the month ahead, create inspired actions to move forward, and shine the light on any fears or limiting beliefs that could hold you back + how to move through them. You can also ask me any questions and receive personalized coaching on your biz/life purpose. The live gathering is usually on the first Wednesday of the month @ 4pm Pacific via Zoom (web or phone). If you can’t attend live, you can email me questions and listen to your answers when you download the replay.

You’ll also receive an invitation to our private Facebook + What’s App community where you receive support from me and other’s growing their Soul-aligned business & wanting to fully live their Soul’s purpose. Participate as much or as little as you like. There are no have-to’s or should’s in this program.

Your Program Includes

  • (1) Private Session (with the opportunity to add more)
  • (1) Monthly 90 Minute Live Virtual Gathering
  • (2) Monthly Email Check-in’s With Personal Audio Guidance
  • Audio Library (Lessons + Tools)
  • Private FB + What’s App Group
  • EVOLVE Journey Program + Bonuses

Yes, I am ready to FULLY live my Soul’s Purpose!

1 Payment $1988

12 Monthly Payments $188

Tanya has taught me invaluable skills to take my coaching practice to the next level.

jeannette_hill_noquotesTanya has taught me invaluable skills to take my coaching practice to the next level. Her coaching has enabled me to begin launching my first virtual class, something I was not confident to do before working with her. Tanya's sensitivity as a healer as well as her business coaching is a powerful combination. Her insights into my business have helped me reach beyond where I was considering going at this stage. She sees right where you need to go next with your business and can confidently coach you on the steps and techniques she's used in her own highly successful coaching practice. I am so appreciative of my work with her."

Jeannette Hill
Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and Soul Purpose Coach

Healthier life balance, more energy, focus, and creativity in my business…

amy_headshot_noquoteI have had such a great, life-changing experience coaching with Tanya Penny and using the Therapeutic Meditation Process(TMP)®. She has helped me to gain clarity and a sense of direction in transforming my personal life and business, as well as creating a healthier life balance with more energy, focus, and creativity. She has also taught me tools to easily break through self-limiting beliefs so that I am more confident in running my design business with balance— which in turn has helped me to attract my ideal clients and accept projects that are both lucrative and fulfilling. I highly recommend coaching with Tanya Penny if you are ready to take your life and your business to the next level.”

Amy GreenSky
GreenSky + Co.

I'm so glad I allowed myself to take the plunge...

Darcy Plunkett

I was on the fence about working with Tanya because of the investment, but I'm so glad I allowed myself to take the plunge. It's been worth every penny. What I like about her program is the attention to personal healing as well as growing your business. We literally go back and forth each session between work and personal. Tanya is excellent about keeping me focused and on task, and I always hang up with a deep sense of compassion for myself (I'm a recovering perfectionist), and inspired action steps to work on between our sessions. Since working with Tanya, I now have a beautiful website (with my picture on it!) Being seen is a huge issue for me. I blog once a month, have coaching packages that I offer, and have taken on enough clients to grow my confidence. I created a free gift, have done an event, grown my list, and am slowly but surely putting myself out there in bigger and bigger ways. It doesn't sound like much, but I have two active kids and a big life to manage, so, believe me, it's a LOT. I have been using a lot of sexy excuses not to pursue my dreams and passions, and am so grateful to have Tanya to process it all with, plus she has taught me valuable tools to help me move forward. I'm excited to see what's next for me - both in my personal healing, and in my business. Thank you, Tanya, for being you.

Darcy P.

Boost my confidence & enroll more ideal clients with ease...

Cathi KetterlingWorking with Tanya Penny and her Business Class Mastery program has been very empowering. She took the guess work out of how to offer virtual classes and simplified the process, making it very easy to do. The audio lessons and 1:1 coaching have supported me to grow my business and boost my confidence. I am enrolling more of my ideal clients with relative ease. In addition to the business aspect, Tanya has helped me greatly improve my time management and life/work balance so that I am also creating the lifestyle that I truly desire.

Cathi Ketterling
Longevity Health Coach

My anxiety levels have plummeted…business has never been better!

rebecca_headshot_noquoteMy life has changed in the four weeks I’ve been taking Tanya’s virtual program. My anxiety levels have plummeted, I’ve made huge strides in my self-esteem and business has never been better! In the month that I’ve been working with Tanya and using T.M.P.®, I’ve signed three new clients and have meetings with two others next week. And that’s with me on vacation for a week! If you have the opportunity to take part in Tanya’s virtual program or work with her one-on-one, do it! You will be amazed at how your life will transformed personally and professionally.”

Rebecca Watson
Content Artist and Social Media Consultant