Do you feel overwhelmed or exhausted?

Experience anxiety, depression, headaches, brain fog, or have trouble sleeping?

Perhaps you have weight issues, pain, or an illness (Thyroid, Cancer, Autoimmune Disorder).

Maybe you are experiencing a breakdown in a relationship, with money, or in your career…

These are all a calling from your Soul, letting you know it is time for you to remember the divine being you are, and that there is soooooo much more for you to be, give, & receive.

Your Soul signed up for this “breakdown” experience as part of your “awakening” and personal evolution.

My first BIG “wake up” call was when Multiple Sclerosis knocked at my door in 2004 (I had anxiety, depression, stomach issues, eating disorders, and other addictions before then).

It hasn’t been a fast or easy journey, but learning to connect with and accept all parts of me – my Soul desires, my body, my emotions, my power, Something Bigger, plus discover and shift my limiting beliefs has been Key to healing 100% and continuing to co-create the beautiful life my Soul signed up for.

If you feel now is the time for you, I invite you to join me for the “Connect with The Divine You” program.

I’ll be sharing all the wisdom and tools I’ve learned on my deeper journey since 2007 (and still use today).

I look forward to guiding and supporting you.

xoxo Tanya 🙂

What You’ll Learn

In this program you’ll focus on Key 1 of the 10 EVOLVE Keys. You will accept & embody the Divine being and powerful Soul that you truly are. This includes my Therapeutic Meditation Process™ – simple tools you can use daily to: connect with and accept all parts of you, discover & activate your Soul desires, connect with your body & understand it’s messages, feel & release emotions, discover & shift limiting beliefs, connect with the power of your Soul, and connect more deeply with your Something Bigger…so you can heal your body, feel more peace & happiness, and co-create the magnificent life you truly desire.

Benefits of Using The TMP™ Process

  • Accept & Understand ALL Parts of You
  • Heal Past Wounds & Trauma On A Deeper Level
  • Release Stress From Your Mind & Body
  • Sleep Deeply & Peacefully
  • Feel Rested & Energized
  • Decrease Anxiety & Depression
  • Lose Weight & Keep It Off
  • Decrease Headaches, Migraines, Blood Pressure
  • Heal Stomach/GI Issues, Pain & Illness
  • Increase Creative Flow & Receive More Guidance
  • Feel More Empowered To Change Anything In Your Life

Your (6) Modules

  • Introduction To The Program & The Therapeutic Meditation Process — In audio lesson (1), you’ll receive a brief overview including all the benefits, self-connection areas, and tools you’ll be learning in the program. Plus a few simple tips to get started.
  • Discover & Activate Your Soul Desires — Discover what your Soul desires in all areas of your life – self-connection, health (mind & body), relationships, spirituality, passions, money, purpose/career, and location. Learn tools that will support you to receive your desires with ease and in divine time (It doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time). We’ll also begin to explore what fears and limiting beliefs you hold that could keep you from fully receiving what you desire (with ease).
  • Connect with Your Breath & Body — Your breath and body are barometers that let you know when you are in or out of alignment with your true Self. Discover why it’s important to connect with your body so it can heal and stay healthy. Learn the tools of breath and body awareness to relax your mind and release stress from the body.
  • Listen To Your Body & Release Emotions — Learn how to understand the messages your body’s symptom or illness is bringing you, so you can make the necessary changes and fully heal (pain, fatigue, thyroid issues, weight, autoimmune disorders, etc.). Discover tools to acknowledge, feel, and release your emotions in healthy ways, as stuffing them with food, alcohol, spending, busyness, etc. only creates negative symptoms and illness in your body. Your emotions are also an important guidance system that you don’t want to ignore (as many of us have been taught to do). You will also learn the basics of mind-body healing philosophy in this audio lesson and live class.
  • Discover & Shift Your Limiting Beliefs — The fears and beliefs we hold about ourselves and the world (health, love, money, work, play, spirituality, etc.), impact how we act (or not) every day, and also what we attract into our lives. We are often not aware of the beliefs that are holding us back from having what we truly desire. Discover your limiting beliefs & fears (from this life, past life, ancestors) and learn tools to shift them and plant the seeds of truth, so you can heal & co-create a life that you love.
  • Connect with Your Power & “Something Bigger” — Most of us felt powerless as children… and still might feel this way. Connect with the truth that you are a powerful Soul that has the ability to change anything in your life now (and change how you view the past). Create a deeper connection to “Something Bigger” (Universe, Source, God, Nature, etc.) so you can feel less anxious, depressed, alone, and stressed. Learn tools to fully embody your power, connect more deeply with your “Something Bigger”, and follow your guidance.

How It Works

Once you purchase the program by clicking a button below, you’ll receive an email with your steps to get started, and a link to your online membership site so you’ll have immediate access to your guided therapeutic meditation practices, self-healing process, audio lessons, and other resources to support you on your journey.

You will also receive a link to schedule your 60-minute private session with me (phone or Zoom). Before the session you’ll fill out a coaching intake form so I can get to know you, your desires, and your health & life struggles. During this session, we will focus on the health or life area you’d most like to improve. You can ask questions, and I will provide you with guidance, insight, and inspired actions to move forward on your journey.

Listening to a guided therapeutic meditation practice daily is an important tool for your healing journey. There are (5) to choose from – as short as 8 minutes, up to 30 minutes. They support you to plant the seeds for what you desire, relax your body & mind, understand your body symptom/illness, feel & release emotions, and shift fears & limiting belief systems (this life, past life, ancestors) that are keeping you from taking actions that are in alignment with your true Self. You will also receive a self-healing process- a tool that supports you to consciously go deeper into healing your past wounds and activating the truth (A tool to practice being a Divine parent to your Self).

Meet for (5) live virtual classes on Zoom (via phone or web). We’ll discuss the self-connection areas & tools you learn in the audio lessons. You can ask me questions and receive personal guidance on your health issues plus other life areas during these calls. If you can’t attend live, you can email me questions and listen to your answers when you receive the class recording.

Live Virtual Class Dates 2024 (Pacific Time – Find Your Timezone)

April 13 @ 10am PT
April 24 @ 4pm PT
May 1 @ 10am PT
May 15 @ 4pm PT
May 29 @ 4pm PT

Receive personal guidance – You can send me (2) emails during the program with questions about the program, your health concerns, life struggles, etc. I will then record an audio MP3 with personal guidance and email it to you.

What’s Included

  • (1) Private session
  • (5) 90 minute live classes + MP3 downloads
  • (6) Audio lessons + outlines
  • (5) Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice MP3 downloads (8 to 30 minutes)
  • (1) Self-healing process MP3 download
  • (2) Private coaching emails with personal guidance
  • Private online community for ongoing support
  • Bonus: 50% off future program years

Yes, I’m ready to connect, accept, & receive!

1 Payment $447

2 Payments $247

The doors are open until April 24.

Tanya Penny is an OTR, Illness & Trauma Guide, Spiritual Alchemist, Author of Connect with The Divine You book & journals. She teaches, empowers, and supports you to heal your body & past trauma, fully love & be your true Self, and wake up to the powerful Soul that you are using her Mind-Body-Soul methodology. Tanya experienced anxiety, depression, pain, GI issues, and had challenges with weight & eating disorders. In 2004, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. That was her first wake-up call that there were some deeper issues in need of love, attention, and release, that medications, lifestyle changes, and medical interventions couldn’t touch. It wasn’t easy (she had to peel back the layers and really look into her Self) and it wasn’t quick (it took years), but she completely healed. Tanya is the creator of and teaches the Therapeutic Meditation Process™ (T.M.P.), The 3P’s™, and the 10 EVOLVE Keys™, trusting that they will find their way into the hearts and lives of those who need it, and are ready to go deeper on their journey. She supports you on your journey through virtual private sessions & group programs, and in-person retreats.


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