Welcome. You are here reading this because you clicked a button/link. That means you want more support on your journey. That is the first step – and it’s an important one. Because everyone I work with has made a choice. That’s where change begins, with you being ready and willing.

    I invite you to take a deep breath and answer the questions below. There is no right or wrong answer, and I won’t judge you. Your answers are confidential and whatever you choose to tell me is up to you. Then I'll contact you within 3 business days and we'll schedule a time to talk.

    Thank you for reaching out to me. I look forward to walking by your side on your journey to rising above all your limits, connecting with the power of you Soul, and giving & receiving more love in all forms. xoxo, Tanya 🙂

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    1. What’s going on with your health & life right now? When did it start?

    2. A lot of people I work with are sick or unhappy because they aren’t doing work they feel deeply connected to OR love what they do but tend to work too much. What sort of work do you do? How do you feel about it?

    3. Many of the people I work with also have challenges in their relationships (their partner, family members, or friends). Where would you like to receive more love & support from others?

    4. Why is now the time for you?

    5. What is the #1 reason you are considering me to be a part of your support team?

    6. What is the #1 question, concern or hesitation you have about working with someone like me?

    7. What is the #1 outcome you would like to experience, as a result of our time together?

    8. Please give me some days and time ranges (M, W, F) that would work best for you to chat (and your time zone).

    I am excited to connect with you soon! xoxo Tanya 🙂