Therapeutic Meditation Process™


  • Re-Connect With & Accept All Parts of YOU
  • Get Clarity & Plant The Seeds For What You Desire
  • Understand, Feel, & Release “Negative” Feelings and Emotions
  • Discover & Integrate Self-Limiting Thoughts and Beliefs
  • Heal Your Stress, Depression, Weight, or Illness
  • Have A Balanced Body & Lifestyle
  • Live the Life of Abundance & Freedom YOU Were Born To Live

Therapeutic Meditation Process™ was adapted from iRest® and includes education/practice of self-connection tools: journaling & writing, mind-body healing philosophy, guided meditation practices, and other daily practices.

Therapeutic Meditation Process™ can assist you to heal: anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia, headaches/migraines, irritable bowel syndrome/GI issues, menopause/P.M.S. symptoms, infertility, pain, auto-immune disorders (fibromyalgia, MS), and other illnesses.

Therapeutic Meditation Process™ can also support you to discover and shift self-limiting beliefs related to love & relationships, money, spirituality, and living your passions & purpose; heal past trauma & abuse; connect with creativity & get more guidance from your “something bigger”; discover your purpose.


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Self-Connection Areas

Your Self-Connection Areas: Desires {7 life areas}, Breath, Body, Feelings/Symptoms, Emotions, Self-limiting Beliefs, Personal Power and “Something Bigger”. You will learn tools & practices to accept and connect with all of these areas.

Mind-Body Healing Philosophy

Mind-body healing philosophy- the underlying (root) emotional & mental (beliefs) causes of physical symptoms in the body (including depression, pain, weight, and illness). I have studied and used the teachings of Carolyn Myss PhD., Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, and Dr. Christina Northrup (to name a few), in my own healing process and will incorporate them into our sessions & programs.

Reflect & Write

I will provide you with journaling questions and writing exercises to help you build self-awareness, acceptance and uncover patterns/beliefs that are holding you back from healing & making positive life changes in all areas. This work is essential to your journey of growth and transformation.

Guided Meditation Practices

Receive guided meditation practices that include all the areas of self-connection (recorded by the nurturing, loving voice of yours truly. The practices are very soothing, restful and can be done in any position- lying down, seated, standing or moving. It is okay if you fall asleep, drift in/out and don’t hear a word, as they work both on a conscious or subconscious level.

More Self-Connection Tools & Tips

Through my own experiences of healing my body~mind and growing my business, I have discovered many tools and daily practices to support me to take my inspired action steps and move forward every day. I share them ALL with you in my programs.

All of my coaching programs weave in the Therapeutic Meditation Process (T.M.P.).
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Tanya Penny, Self-Love Catalyst, Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Coach, teaches, empowers, and supports healers, coaches, and those ready to break through your fear, self-doubt, heal anxiety, weight, chronic illness and abuse/trauma, SO you can step into self-confidence, create a healthy, balanced body and lifestyle TO live your passions AND the abundant life of ultimate freedom that you were born to live!

After struggling for 20 years with anxiety, weight, and being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Tanya started searching for the root cause of it all and created Therapeutic Meditation Process to heal her body PLUS live her life of purpose and passion. Because of the profound transformation she experienced, she is devoted to supporting others to create the abundant life and business of your dreams. Find out more about Tanya and her work HERE