Do you feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or unhappy?

Maybe you long for more “you time” to relax & do what you love… but you seem to put other’s needs and desires first.

Perhaps you over-schedule and over-commit… often to things you don’t even want to do.

You rarely ask for help, carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, and think you SHOULD be able to do it all… and when you can’t, you beat yourself up and feel guilty.

Your inner critic torments you no matter how much you do or how hard you try…”You’re not good enough, you never do enough, you should or shouldn’t have done that”.

The 3P Patterns – Perfection, People Pleasing, and Pretending to be Super Human – were coping mechanisms you took on as a child to get approval, love, your needs met, stay safe and survive.

NOW as an adult, they are causing you TONS of stress… maybe even a health issue (pain, headaches, insomnia, autoimmune disorder). They are also the biggest blocks to you receiving & following your intuition.

These patterns might also be negatively impacting your relationships, your finances, and your career/purpose.

It’s time to bring these parts of you into balance (they are good, just not when used to the extreme) so you can be the unique Soul you are here to be on the planet.

This program is for you if:

  • You want to feel more peace & joy daily.
  • You would like to fully receive & follow your guidance.
  • You would like to have more time to relax & do what you love.
  • You want to have more self-acceptance & self-compassion.
  • You would like to trust your Self & feel more self-empowered.
  • You are ready to explore a new approach to healing your body & trauma.
  • You would like to fully know & live your Soul’s purpose.

A Peak Into Your Program:

Your Perfectionist
Your “inner critic” that is constantly judging you, beating you up for making mistakes, and telling you that “you’re never good enough”. It is always comparing you to others. It causes you to feel anxious and depressed. It holds you back from taking the actions your Soul is guiding you to take for fear of failure or loss of love and approval from others. Discover where this part of you comes from and tools to shift it, so you be your own best friend, feel more peace & joy, heal your body & mind, plus fully receive and follow your guidance.

Your People Pleaser
Says yes when you really want to say no. It puts others wants, needs, and desires before your own. It does things that it doesn’t want to or that are even harmful to you, in order to receive others acceptance, approval, love and avoid conflict. It causes overwhelm, depression, weight gain, and chronic illness. Release the “need to please” and gently shine the light on all the fears & limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in this pattern, so you can heal, be happy, and follow your heart. Learn tools to give yourself the love and approval you long for so you can stop trying to get it (at all costs) from others. Listen to your Soul’s guidance and take actions that align with your desires, so you can have a healthy body & co-create a life you love.

Your Pretending To Be Super Human
Thinks we need to do more to be loved, good enough, or to succeed. That you are respo sible for everything AND everyone. You have trouble asking for support because you SHOULD be able to do it all, alone (and feel guilty when you can’t). You over-schedule and are always busy. The truth is that you need time to play and rest so you can fill your cup and be the contribution you are here to be. Getting support and delegating is necessary, not weak. Let go of the beliefs that you have to do more (and more) in order to be worthy, lovable, or have abundance/success. Learn how to tame your Super Woman or Man so you have time to breathe, nurture you, AND do what you love from a place of inspired action (vs. ego fear-based action).

What’s included

  • (3) Live 2 Hour Virtual Workshops + Recordings
  • (1) 3 Hour Intro Video + MP3 Recording
  • (3) Audio lessons (1 for each P)
  • (6) Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice MP3’s (15 & 30 minute practice for each P)
  • (3) Self-Healing Process MP3’s (1 for each P)
  • (1) 3P Truth Loop MP3
  • BONUS 3: 50% Off Alumni Discount

How it works

Once you purchase the program by clicking the button below, you’ll receive immediate access to all your 3P materials: audio lessons, guided therapeutic meditation practices, processes, and other resources to support you on your healing journey.

We will then meet for (3) live virtual workshops in 2024 – These patterns run deep and take time to bring into balance. The workshops will be on a Saturday @ 10am Pacific (Zoom video or phone) – March 30, July 20, and November 16.These workshops are for you to ask me questions, receive personal guidance & healing (only the first 20-30 minutes is me teaching). If you can’t attend live, you can email me your progress, aha’s, questions, and struggles, then listen to the recording.

YES, I want to be healthy, happy & FREE!

1 Payment $597

2 Payments $327

I highly recommend working with Tanya for a more successful business and life!

camille-herreraI am so grateful to have to Tanya Penny as my coach. When I started my consulting business I had no idea that the hardest thing wouldn't be sales but learning how to let go of perfection so that every project didn't take me two or three times as along as I had estimated. With Tanya's support, I've learned how to identify when I'm going into "analysis paralysis" and perfection and avoid, or at least stop doing them faster, using the tools Tanya has taught me to ground myself. If you struggle with perfection and overwhelm, I highly recommend working with Tanya for a more successful business and life!

Camille Herrera
CH Consulting

Working with Tanya for the last 12 years has changed my life in the best ways possible.

Working with Tanya for the last 12 years has changed my life in the best ways possible. I first came in the door wanting to heal my ongoing stomach issues (and I did!). Tanya helped me see what was at the root... I used to tiptoe around speaking up for myself and didn't know the best way to handle difficult conversations. I would take on the other person's stress and immediately try to solve their problems in order for me to feel safe during the conversation. Now, I utilize the tools from Tanya's Journey program to help me feel safe no matter what the situation or persons I am around. This is huge because I am still working on healing deeper layers of anxiety, people pleasing, and trying to fix others' problems BUT, I now catch myself a lot quicker than I did in the past. Tanya's program builds in lots of layers of support, so if you need more support one month, you can get it! It's not a one-size fits all program which I love. It is truly geared towards what you need. Tanya knows what questions to ask and how to listen to your struggles (and wins!) so that she can provide you with the most nurturing support possible. I have never felt judged in my entire time working with her 1:1, on retreats, and in virtual group classes. I have only seen her practice a lot of compassion and acceptance for her clients, herself, plus she continues to be a role model as she continues to share her own healing journey too. She has helped me in many ways and the most important for me thus far is that I have learned to accept all parts of me. So even though I used to feel unsafe and scared to speak my truth, I'm learning to have compassion for and accept that part of me as I continue to learn, grow, and heal.
Laura S.
Coach For Mom's (And Mom's To Be)