Welcome! You will find all the audio lessons, outlines, guided meditation practices, and live class details below.

To get the most from the program, I recommend:

  • Listening to the audio lessons in a quiet space.
  • Downloading and taking notes on the outlines.
  • Listening to the Truth Loop each AM (and as needed throughout the day)
  • Listening to a Process at least 1-3X/week (more if needed).
  • Listening to a guided T.M.P. practice daily (as a recharge break mid-day and/or at bedtime). Remember it is ok to drift off or fall asleep as you don’t have to hear a thing for them to work (deep healing occurs on a subconscious level).
  • Never listen to the guided T.M.P practices while driving or play them out loud while someone else is driving.
  • Attending the live virtual workshops – March 30, July 20, and November 16 @ 10am Pacific. You will be emailed the details to attend live via phone or web the day before class.

To download recordings and PDF’s:

1. Right click on the download link (to right click on a mac, hold down the “Control” key while you click the link).
2. Select “Save link as”, “Download linked file as”, or “Save Target as”, depending on your web browser.

*If you have trouble downloading, please email tanya@tanyapenny.com.

3P Materials

First, watch or listen to your 3P Intro Workshop

3P Self-Healing Process
3P Truth Loop
Autobiography in 5 Chapters PDF

Audio Class Outline and Download
Perfection Process
Guided Practice 1 and Guided Practice 2

Audio Class Outline and Download
People Pleasing Process
Guided Practice 1 and Guided Practice 2

Audio Class Outline and Download
Super Human Process
Guided Practice 1 and Guided Practice 2