The 3 Keys to Love Your Body
& Release Weight!

Finally Learn the Hidden Truths About Why You Haven’t Reached & Maintained Your Ideal, Healthy Body and Lifestyle!

young frustrated blonde tearing her hairFeeling trapped in a continuous cycle of yo-yo dieting and body shame? You know the routine: You decide you want to lose the weight – for good – and you’re excited! You set fitness goals, create a new workout routine, begin eating healthier, and you feel amazing! You start off strong, but after a few weeks of not getting the results, you begin to lose the motivation. And then, you fall off and are back to square one, frustrated with yourself and your body. You may even begin to wonder if something is wrong with you because you’ve done everything the leading weight loss experts and gurus told you to do.

In my “3 Keys to Love Your Body & Release Weight” audio class, we will uncover three of the biggest reasons you aren’t sticking to your healthy lifestyle, losing the weight, and keeping it off. You will:


  • Learn why even the greatest determination and your best attempts may secretly be sabotaged by negative thinking and self-talk.
  • Discover the link between stress and weight loss.
  • Learn how to heal emotional eating for good!
  • Experience iRest®, a profound practice to help you easily release stress and silence your inner critic.

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Sleep Summit Pix2Tanya Penny, Healing Catalyst & Freedom Coach, empowers women (and a few brave men) to break free from stress and negative self-talk, and start putting themselves first! Tanya supports her clients to step into a positive self image with a healthy body and balanced lifestyle so they can joyfully live the passionate life of their dreams by teaching them mind-body healing philosophy and tools to release the negative patterns and beliefs that are keeping them stuck or holding them back.

After struggling for 20 years with weight and body hatred, Tanya has easily maintained her ideal weight, positive body image, and healthy lifestyle for over 6 years. Because of the profound transformation she experienced, she is devoted to supporting other women to heal their struggle with weight and poor body image forever while creating a healthy, balanced body and lifestyle.


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