Brave Soul,

There are moments in your life when you know you can’t keep living the way you have been.

When you know you’ve got to do something different.

You may not know what needs to change, exactly. But something deep within you knows that there has to be another way. . . and you’re ready to find it.

That moment is an invitation from your Soul.

Perhaps your body has been talking to you – stomach issues, trouble sleeping, depression, weight issues, anxiety, pain, thyroid disorder, cancer, autoimmune disorder, or another chronic illness.

Maybe you are experiencing a breakdown in another life area – a relationship, with money, or your career/life purpose.

Through my own journey of healing Multiple Sclerosis, plus supporting others since 2008, I’ve seen that the root of most health & life issues are due to past negative experiences and unresolved trauma . . . and the limiting beliefs, fears, and unhealthy coping behaviors we took on because of them.

If you sense that now is the time, here’s my invitation . . . let me go with you. We are not meant to do it alone.

As your guide, I’ll shine the light for you, hold a safe container, teach you tools, encourage and walk with you all along the way. I’ll support you to explore what is working in your life (and what’s not). You’ll learn to receive, trust, & follow your guidance on your journey to co-creating a life full of love, happiness, and purpose.

Your first step might be to learn more about my work and Mind-Body-Soul methodology. Receive your Starter Kit here.

You might also want to set up a conversation with me to talk about what’s going on in your health & life (now and in the past) and how I might best support you on your journey. You can do that here.

I look forward to connecting with & supporting you!

Sending you hope, compassion & courage, Tanya