Dear Brave Soul,

There are moments in one’s life when you know you can’t keep living the way you have been.

When you know you’ve got to do something.

You may not know what needs to change, exactly. But something deep within you knows that there is another way. . . and you’re determined to find it.

That moment is an invitation.

Our bodies are one of our biggest guidance systems and talk to us through conditions like stomach issues, anxiety, trouble sleeping, depression, weight issues, pain, thyroid disorders, or a chronic illness (like Multiple Sclerosis). Your body, that wise and knowing creature, is trying to show you where you are out of alignment with your true Self. It’s inviting you to go on a journey to full healing and happiness.

Perhaps you are also experiencing a breakdown in another life area too- a relationship, with money, or your career. These are also a calling from your Soul that something needs to change and you are meant to have so much more.

Our health issues, addictions, and other life issues are usually connected to a past wound/trauma and/or one that passed down by your ancestors that is calling for more compassion, deeper release, and healing.

If you have the sense that now is the time, here’s my invitation . . . let me go with you.

As your guide, I’ll shine the light for you, hold a safe container, teach you tools, and walk with you all along the way. I’ll support you to explore and feel what works for you (and what doesn’t). You’ll learn to trust and follow your own guidance on your journey to co-creating the life you desire.

Your first step might be to learn more about my work and Mind-Body-Soul methodology. Receive your free Starter Kit.

If you have Multiple Sclerosis or an Autoimmune Disorder then you might want to sign-up for this gift too.

You might also want to set up a conversation with me to talk about what’s going on in your health & life, see if we are a good fit, and if so, the best way to begin together. You can do that here.

Sending you hope, love & courage for your journey, Tanya 🙂

P.S. Watch this video to learn more about my healing philosophy.