Trust Something Bigger {Key #4}

Hello, I’m Tanya Penny. In this post we will be focusing on key #4 of the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Blueprint – Trusting Something Bigger. If you haven’t signed-up to learn about all 10 keys yet, you can receive the Blueprint Guide, audio lesson and Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice by clicking here.

I’ll start with a snapshot of my journey to trusting Something Bigger. I walked away from religion (and spirituality) when I was 18. I didn’t know there was a difference between the two. I grew up Catholic and there was a lot of talk about religion but not really spirituality, they were the same thing in my world. I didn’t jive with what I was taught by the Catholic religion so I pretty much said I was done with religion as soon as I turned eighteen. I really didn’t come back to my spiritual self, consciously, until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. This key was a part of my journey to healing the MS, anxiety, depression, past trauma and pretty much everything I was struggling with.

The truth is we are all connected to Something Bigger, always, whether we are aware of it or not. You might call it God, Source, Universe, Nature, etc., it really doesn’t matter what you call it. Many of us have become disconnected or shut it down for various reasons: we don’t make time, we’ve had negative experiences with religion or spirituality, negative experiences or trauma. When that happens we might say, “Well forget it, my God was a punishing God growing up and I want nothing to do with that”, or “I got a chronic illness or got into an accident or a loved one died so there must not be a God” or “I can’t trust this Something Bigger to take care of me because these bad things happened”.

When we cut ourselves off from S.B., it creates a lot of issues: stress, anxiety, depression and even chronic illness. That has been my personal experience and also from working with hundreds of clients. If you’re not fully connecting and trusting your S.B., you tend to be stuck in a lot of struggle and survival fears, busyness, over-doing, thinking you have to do it all alone.

When we do connect, trust in and follow our guidance from S.B., it helps us to feel more at peace, balanced, to make decisions based on divine guidance vs. ego fears or conditioned beliefs. It helps us to heal.

There are many ways that you can begin to build that trust and connect on a deeper level. I’m going to give you a few of those tips and tools, and then if you would like more support with this key and your healing journey, you can find all the ways below.

First, reflect on what beliefs you may be holding about connecting with, trusting and following S.B. What we believe impacts our emotions and how we behave and act in the world, the decisions we make etc. If you are holding any “negative”, self-limiting beliefs about connecting and trusting S.B., that will hold you back from fully doing so. You might have a belief that you can’t trust because something bad happened, or that you’ll get punished if you (fill in the blank). You may think, I can’t trust something bigger because in the past, I prayed and I didn’t get an answer, or I prayed and something nothing happened. You can discover what beliefs you hold by looking back at your past (what you saw, heard, experienced growing up) and by looking at your current reality. You might be in a current breakdown in one or more areas of your life, perhaps like me you have a chronic illness, maybe you have money stuff going on, abuse, etc. You might say that this area wouldn’t be in breakdown if I was really being taken care of by my S.B.. Write down the beliefs you discover and then an “opposite/positive truth” (even if you don’t believe it right now).

Second, I recommend using a guided therapeutic meditation practice as that will help you work with the beliefs that are keeping you from connecting, trusting and following the guidance of your S.B. You can try a sample guided practice here. It will also help you connect with yourself and your S.B. more deelpy, release fears and doubts, and feel more relaxed, energized. It’s one of the main tools me and my clients use daily.

Third, I recommend journaling daily, preferably in the morning, as I feel it’s really important to start your day by connecting with yourself and S.B. When I do it, which is most every day, my days can look completely different. I can wake up in anxiety and shift it to peace just by writing to my S.B. and asking for guidance. I’ll write my fears, what I want help with, a “prayer”, then I’ll sit for a few moments with my eyes closed and I’ll listen for guidance. It only takes a few minutes.

Last, another way that I like to connect and receive guidance is getting out in nature– whether it’s sitting, running, walking or hiking, and I will simply say “Higher levels, my ascended masters, archangels, God, right now I’m really feeling this way or I’m really struggling with this, I’m open to all of your love, support and guidance, show me loud and clear.” I can very much plug in and connect, I’m away from all of my distractions – the busyness, the computer, other people, etc.

Carve out 5-30 minutes a day to use the simple tips and tools above. Progress not perfection. Then when you are ready, find more support below.

xoxo Tanya 🙂

More support to Trust Something Bigger, heal & receive 100%:

  • Monthly Healing Workshops here
  • Vibrant Body & Abundant Life Mastery Program here
  • Audio Programs here

Connect & Trust Infinite Wisdom

An essential key for me to heal Multiple Sclerosis, grow a business I love, and live my life of abundance and freedom has been “Connecting & Trusting Infinite Wisdom” – Higher Levels, God, Universe, Source, Mother Nature, whatever you choose to call it. I grew up Catholic, but when I turned 18 decided religion was not for me…too many rules & restrictions, a punishing God. Unfortunately, I threw out any connection with something bigger bigger because I didn’t know I could have a spiritual connection without organized religion.

When I became sick with M.S. I went through a really dark time and started searching for the meaning of it all. Long story short, I realized a big cause to my health breakdown (and relationship, career) was believing that I was in control, had to control everything, do everything alone (Holy STRESS). As a “control queen” and workaholic/doer, I felt overwhelmed from the time I woke up until I fell asleep. This lead to anxiety, depression, sleep issues, weight problems, and eventually the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Believing there was/is something out there that is always supporting and guiding me AND that I don’t have to “do it all” by myself was a huge shift for me. How to actually apply this everyday in my life has taken lots of practice and it has been long journey back… BUT it has been worth it. I have my health back (yes, the MS is gone), I have a business I love and lots of free time to live my passions, and most importantly I feel at peace (most days). Plus I realize that because of my experience I am meant to support others to do the same…so you can heal your body, fully live purpose, AND have the abundance & freedom you desire.

Part 1: A few questions for you to reflect on
1) How connected are you to something bigger? Rate this on a scale of 1-10 month ( 1= not at all, 10= deeply connected).
2) If you don’t believe in something bigger or are not as connected as you would like to be, why? Throw it out because rejecting religion? Too busy to connect? Believe getting guidance or support is only for “special” people?

Part 2: Tips & tools to “Connect with Infinite Wisdom”
1) Let go of beliefs that you: have to do it alone, aren’t supported by something bigger, and are in control of everything (guided T.M.P. practices help- listen below).
2) Each morning affirm 3-5 times “I trust am always loved, guided, and supported (by universe, God, source, higher levels, etc.)”. Set a reminder in your phone/calendar.
3) Take 5-10 minutes of alone time daily and consciously connect- close your eyes, focus on your breathing, pray/ask for guidance and connection, and then silently listen/be.
4) Be open to receiving each day- guidance, gifts, opportunities.

Part 3: Tips & tools to “Trust & Follow Your Infinite Wisdom” (Watch Video)

Try This Connection Exercise:

Listen the guided T.M.P. practice:

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