Trust Something Bigger {Key #4}

Hello, I’m Tanya Penny. In this post we will be focusing on key #4 of the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Blueprint – Trusting Something Bigger. If you haven’t signed-up to learn about all 10 keys yet, you can receive the Blueprint Guide, audio lesson and Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice by clicking here.

I’ll start with a snapshot of my journey to trusting Something Bigger. I walked away from religion (and spirituality) when I was 18. I didn’t know there was a difference between the two. I grew up Catholic and there was a lot of talk about religion but not really spirituality, they were the same thing in my world. I didn’t jive with what I was taught by the Catholic religion so I pretty much said I was done with religion as soon as I turned eighteen. I really didn’t come back to my spiritual self, consciously, until I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2004. This key was a part of my journey to healing the MS, anxiety, depression, past trauma and pretty much everything I was struggling with.

The truth is we are all connected to Something Bigger, always, whether we are aware of it or not. You might call it God, Source, Universe, Nature, etc., it really doesn’t matter what you call it. Many of us have become disconnected or shut it down for various reasons: we don’t make time, we’ve had negative experiences with religion or spirituality, negative experiences or trauma. When that happens we might say, “Well forget it, my God was a punishing God growing up and I want nothing to do with that”, or “I got a chronic illness or got into an accident or a loved one died so there must not be a God” or “I can’t trust this Something Bigger to take care of me because these bad things happened”.

When we cut ourselves off from S.B., it creates a lot of issues: stress, anxiety, depression and even chronic illness. That has been my personal experience and also from working with hundreds of clients. If you’re not fully connecting and trusting your S.B., you tend to be stuck in a lot of struggle and survival fears, busyness, over-doing, thinking you have to do it all alone.

When we do connect, trust in and follow our guidance from S.B., it helps us to feel more at peace, balanced, to make decisions based on divine guidance vs. ego fears or conditioned beliefs. It helps us to heal.

There are many ways that you can begin to build that trust and connect on a deeper level. I’m going to give you a few of those tips and tools, and then if you would like more support with this key and your healing journey, you can find all the ways below.

First, reflect on what beliefs you may be holding about connecting with, trusting and following S.B. What we believe impacts our emotions and how we behave and act in the world, the decisions we make etc. If you are holding any “negative”, self-limiting beliefs about connecting and trusting S.B., that will hold you back from fully doing so. You might have a belief that you can’t trust because something bad happened, or that you’ll get punished if you (fill in the blank). You may think, I can’t trust something bigger because in the past, I prayed and I didn’t get an answer, or I prayed and something nothing happened. You can discover what beliefs you hold by looking back at your past (what you saw, heard, experienced growing up) and by looking at your current reality. You might be in a current breakdown in one or more areas of your life, perhaps like me you have a chronic illness, maybe you have money stuff going on, abuse, etc. You might say that this area wouldn’t be in breakdown if I was really being taken care of by my S.B.. Write down the beliefs you discover and then an “opposite/positive truth” (even if you don’t believe it right now).

Second, I recommend using a guided therapeutic meditation practice as that will help you work with the beliefs that are keeping you from connecting, trusting and following the guidance of your S.B. You can try a sample guided practice here. It will also help you connect with yourself and your S.B. more deelpy, release fears and doubts, and feel more relaxed, energized. It’s one of the main tools me and my clients use daily.

Third, I recommend journaling daily, preferably in the morning, as I feel it’s really important to start your day by connecting with yourself and S.B. When I do it, which is most every day, my days can look completely different. I can wake up in anxiety and shift it to peace just by writing to my S.B. and asking for guidance. I’ll write my fears, what I want help with, a “prayer”, then I’ll sit for a few moments with my eyes closed and I’ll listen for guidance. It only takes a few minutes.

Last, another way that I like to connect and receive guidance is getting out in nature– whether it’s sitting, running, walking or hiking, and I will simply say “Higher levels, my ascended masters, archangels, God, right now I’m really feeling this way or I’m really struggling with this, I’m open to all of your love, support and guidance, show me loud and clear.” I can very much plug in and connect, I’m away from all of my distractions – the busyness, the computer, other people, etc.

Carve out 5-30 minutes a day to use the simple tips and tools above. Progress not perfection. Then when you are ready, find more support below.

xoxo Tanya 🙂

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Trust Yourself {Key #3}

Listen to or watch the video lesson:

I’m Tanya Penny, Self-Love Catalyst, Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Coach. In this video I will be giving a mini-lesson on key #3 of the Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Blueprint – Trusting Yourself. If you haven’t signed-up to learn about all 10 keys yet, you can receive the Blueprint Guide and Guided Therapeutic Meditation Practice by clicking here.

Many of us stopped trusting and following our own guidance from a very early age and for many reasons. For some of us we got in trouble, punished, criticized, maybe even worse, for trying to do so. Some of us had love withheld or maybe other needs that wouldn’t get met if we didn’t do what one or both of our parents wanted us to do…act, speak or be who they wanted us to be vs. doing what our guidance was asking us to do. So, we turned it down or completely off. We began doing what others told us to do to please them, get the love, the treats, the clothes, the car, to get our needs met and perhaps to even be safe. In a nutshell, that’s why most of us stopped listening to and following our guidance.

As adults, we may still doing this even though we are now able to keep ourselves safe, meet our own needs and support ourselves. We can also actually find people that will love and support us just for following our guidance and for being who we really are. There will be people who completely accept and respect us for who we really are and honor our decisions… but we have to make that shift into believing we are worthy of this and that is where the challenging part can be.

So, if you’re still looking to others (friends, your parents, your significant other, your children) to tell you what to do, how to live your life, make important decisions about your health, money, career, etc. than this is really you continuing to give your power away, not trusting yourself, not following your own guidance AND it is one of the root causes of stress, depression, anxiety, pain, weight and chronic illness.

The truth is that you are the only one that truly knows who you are and what you need. Whether it’s to heal your body, follow your purpose or fill in the blank. You are the only one that has your answers. You are the only one that knows what your heart truly desires. Learning to fully trust and follow your own guidance will support you 100% in making positive changes in all areas of your life and help you to heal whatever it is that you’re struggling with. It can take time to shift it as we have been doing it for so long.

So how do we learn to trust ourselves 100%? Trust and follow our own guidance? Listen or watch the video above to receive wisdom, tips & tools.

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Prosperity (Money) & Contribution

Money Blueprint: Your “money blueprint” is what creates your current money reality. Your blueprint can either help you or block you from receiving money. Your money blueprint is made up of stories or beliefs that we hold about money- both giving it and receiving it. These beliefs come from what we heard or saw growing up about money (parents, culture, etc.). If you don’t like your current money reality or situation then you need to shift your money blueprint = beliefs!

Money Tips & Tools:
1) Rate: Are you satisfied with your current money reality? (1 = little, 10= fully satisfied)
2) Reflection: What did you see/hear growing up about work and how you make money? What are your beliefs about money?
3) Look at your money every week with gratitude – you pick the day (perhaps “money monday’s”) and login to your bank acct, credit cards, etc. and just look at the numbers. Send gratitude for the money that you have (no matter how much) and for the credit that was given to you. What we focus on & are grateful for grows.
4) Know your monthly expenses. Create a “prosperity plan” (I hate the word budget). I share with you the template I use in the audio program below. At the end of the month look at your spending with curiosity (and compassion).
5) What you spend your money on is YOUR choice. Is your spending in alignment with what your priorities/desires are really are? (again ask with compassion & curiosity).

Contribution: I believe it is our birthright to do what we are good at, love to do, and make an abundance of money doing it with fun and relative ease. The only thing stopping of from doing this is the self-limiting beliefs we hold- often unconsciously.

1) Rate: What is your current satisfaction with you work/career? (1 = little, 10= fully satisfied)
2) Reflection: What did you see/hear growing up about work and how you make money?

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The Sacred Business Blueprint

~ Master Your Money Blueprint ~

Are you struggling to make ends meet and NEVER have enough money?

Do you believe you can do what you love AND make GOOD money?

Perhaps your NOT getting paid what you know you are worth.

Do you have a family history of money struggle that you want to release?

Is shame or guilt over past money choices keeping you stuck in the vicious cycle?

MoneyThis audio program helps you shine the light on your current money blueprint and how it has been holding you back from receiving, managing, and growing your money. REMEMBER: Awareness is the first key to shifting your money blueprint!

Next, I will teach you the tools to help you break through your self-limiting money beliefs and re-create your money blueprint so you can follow your heart, and live the passionate, purposeful, abundant life of your dreams!

The Program Includes:

  • (2) Money Audio Class MP3 Lessons (90+ Minutes)
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Self-Connection & Trust

Self-Connection & Trust is the #1 key to creating and living an abundant life of freedom- vibrant health, fulfilling relationships/love, money, fully living your purpose & passions.

Take some time to reflect on: When and why did you stop trusting yourself and start looking to others to tell you what to do (Hint: usually starts in childhood)? In what life area(s) and with who do you currently not trust yourself/give your power away? We can’t change anything we are not aware of. Remember to do this with compassion and curiosity.

Our feelings (body sensations) and emotions are your internal guidance system giving you clues on what direction, decision, choice to make that is most in alignment with your true self. If we are not connected or don’t trust our selves then we won’t hear or follow our guidance.

If we are not living in alignment with who we are then our feelings and emotions will let us know this with “negative” symptoms/feelings, emotions, and even chronic illness/disease (dis-ease). Watch this video for more on how our feelings & emotions being our guidance system.

3 Tips to Re-Connect with Yourself:

1) Carve out at least 15-30 minutes of you time each day. Alone time. Preferably in the morning as it will help you to stay more connected to yourself all day. Increase the time alone as you can or as your inner guru calls for (need more time when going through shifts or big changes).

2) During this time, I recommend you: journal, yoga, T.M.P./meditate, or go for a walk/run/bike in nature.

3) I recommend to journal everyday. Reflect/journal on: What feelings and emotions are present today? What do you love to do? What do you desire to have/be in all areas of your life- health, purpose, relationships, money, spirituality.

Dive into all 12 keys to create your abundant life of ultimate freedom with the Abundant Life Mastery program. Details HERE

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Pain, Struggle & Living Your Purpose

I was inspired to share some “truth’s” with you today re: pain, struggle(s), and discovering our life purpose. I had several “Shine Your Light” complimentary coaching sessions this week and was reminded (again) of a common theme that me and my clients often have- that our “pain” or thing we struggle with (illness, relationships, money) tends to be a catalyst that supports us to find and live our life purpose. Learn more about the pain, struggle, & purpose “truth” by watching my short video.

If you are serious about shining the light on your pain/struggle(s), releasing fear, self-doubt, and all that is holding you back AND creating your abundant life of ultimate freedom in 2015 then join me for the “Abundant Life Mastery” program HERE

If you would like to chat more about your pain, struggles, and purpose and how I can support you then please email me to schedule a time to chat at I look forward to connecting with you! Love & Light, Tanya

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Tanya Penny, Abundance Catalyst & Freedom Coach, teaches, empowers, and supports healers, coaches, and soul-centered leaders to break through your fear & self-doubt, heal chronic illness and abuse/trauma, SO you can step into self-confidence, create a healthy body and lifestyle TO live your purpose AND the abundant life of ultimate freedom that you were born to live! After struggling for 20 years with anxiety, weight, and abuse, Tanya was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. She started searching for the root cause of it all, tried many healing modalities, and created Therapeutic Meditation Process which has helped her to heal her body PLUS live her life of purpose and passion. Because of the profound transformation she experienced, she is devoted to supporting others to heal, live your purpose, and create the abundant life of your dreams. Find out more about Tanya and her work at
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