Live Your Passions & Purpose {Key #9}

Living your passions & purpose is necessary for you to heal, maintain your health, be happy/fulfilled & even grow your biz.

Passions = things we do for fun, that light us up!
My Example: hiking, trail run, camping, live music, HH, snorkel, traveling

Purpose = Career, Volunteer/Charity Work, Can be one of your passions
My Example: Coaching, teaching, supporting others to accept & love themselves, heal illness/trauma, grow healing/coach biz.

NOT making time for and living our passions & purpose can cause us to feel angry, resentful or depressed and cause headaches/migraines, weight gain, and even chronic illness.

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I’m Tanya Penny, Self-Love Catalyst, Vibrant Body and Abundant Life Coach. It really is one of my passions and purpose to be here teaching and supporting you. Whether it be healing your body – mentally, physically and/or emotionally or you might also have experienced past trauma or abuse. You also desire having more in all areas of your life (love/relationships, spirituality, money, living your passions, purpose, self-connection). That’s why you’re here, a part of the VBAL community, and that’s why I’m here to be your teacher and your support.

In this class, we’ll begin to dive into this month’s key, fully living your passions and purpose. Many of you, I know are to some extent, already making some time for your passions, maybe you’re making some time for your purpose, your business, career, volunteer work but you’re perhaps not fully doing it. We can still “suffer” if we’re not fully living it.

From my experience with not only healing depression, headaches (migraines), excess weight as well as multiple sclerosis, fully living my passions and purpose was a necessary key or piece to healing it all. I believe for you to truly and fully heal and maintain that health, be happy and fulfilled and even grow your business, (those of you who own businesses or are meant to) that we really need to spend time living our passions and purpose. For those of you who are new to me and my work, I define passions as those things that are fun, playful, fulfilling, those things that really light you up when you spend time doing them. Let me give you a few examples of some of my passions besides doing the work that I do with you and my community (your purpose can be one of your passions but it can’t be the only passion) are trail running, it’s like meditation for me, it feels so good to move my body, hiking, camping (as much nature time as possible) traveling and exploring new places – my soul just loves that, I love live music, going to happy hour with my sweetie or my friends, I love to create my programs, I am towards the end of finishing my first book, my second one is already there waiting. I love coaching. I try to get to Hawaii and other warm places several times a year to snorkel. I love ju-ju stuff (that is what we call it in my house). I am passionate about personal growth which feeds into my purpose. That is what I mean by passions, some people call them hobbies.

Specifically in my program when I talk about purpose, I’m talking about what you’re here to do in the world as a contribution. For a lot of you, work and career and volunteering is included in that. For some of you it might just be who you are everyday with the people that you come into contact with. For a lot of you this is tied into your career and/or your business or your future career/business. Mine is coaching, teaching, speaking, spreading my message of healing illness and trauma alternatively and I also help people to grow their businesses, I have a business program which I fought, my ego did not want to do that but I do have a business program for coaches and healers to grow their business like I did. That is my purpose.

Not making time for your passions and fully living your purpose can cause a lot of issues such as causing you to feel angry, (you might be stuffing that so are not aware of your anger) frustrated, annoyed, irritated and not sure why or maybe you know why. It can cause you to feel sad or depressed (the emotions) which can then also lead to the feelings or symptoms in the body. Feelings/symptoms, I use those words with the same meaning in my programs. They can cause migraines, headaches, pain, weight gain, diabetes and of course chronic illness. In a nutshell, that’s why we want to spend time on this and yes we are really focussing on it this month but then we really try and incorporate it all year long. In my programs, we do focus on a key every month but we’re then creating new habits and actions that support it throughout the year. It’s not something that we focus on for the year and then go on to the next thing – everything is connected, everything.

I would like to give you some more concrete examples as to how and what is caused by not living your passions and purpose. Depression, from a mind/body/spirit perspective is caused by anger at self and/or not having enough joy and fulfillment in your life. Even if we are not aware of it, we are angry, often times we blame other people but essentially we are coming from a place of being responsible, conscious people, not victims. We know that we are responsible for co-creating everything in our lives…everything. We cannot place the blame on anybody else. When we don’t take the time, money, energy to fully live our passions and/or our purpose, we are pissed, angry at ourselves and beat ourselves up.

Another common symptom that most of my clients deal with is weight issues, for many of you it’s excess weight but it can also affect those of you that are underweight or struggle with eating disorders. I want to focus on the excess weight today. The underlying emotion there is anger and/or stress (usually both) that we are storing in our body. Anger at ourselves because we are not taking the time to nurture our passions and/or purpose. Most of you are busy doing too much perhaps with your job, your family and/or your community. It doesn’t have to be your “work”. I work with plenty of women that don’t have jobs right now but are full time moms, some of you are trying to do both, and when you are not taking enough time to nurture YOUR passions and purpose, it causes stress. There’s not enough joy, happiness and fulfillment… and what do we do? Many stuff with food and/or alcohol, and you don’t even need to do that to put on the weight, just the emotion itself can create the weight.

Perhaps you suffer from headaches and migraines which are due to self-criticism, blame, anger, pushing yourself too hard and not having enough nurture you time, in this case we’re talking about passions and purpose. You’re doing too much, you’re working too much, not enough play time or maybe like some of my clients, you work and you play but you’re not having enough rest or down time.

Diabetes it is hugely related to not enough sweetness or joy in your life. A lot of us stuff it with food, sweets perhaps. The big thing we truly work on is what brings more joy into their lives, what truly lights them up and brings them more purpose.

Autoimmune disorders (MS, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid issues, fibromyalgia, etc.) are due to us attacking ourselves. When we are not fully living our passions and purpose, that is one way of attacking ourselves. If you’re spending too much time working and doing, that is not loving or nurturing you.

Let’s talk a little bit more about thyroid… if you are speaking up too much on things that are not your business, that takes up extra time, energy and perhaps money and you’re not giving enough time to your passions and purpose when you do that. Some of you are not speaking up enough which also can affect you spending time, money and energy on your passions or purpose.

Awareness is key to changing anything and that’s why you’re here. So please don’t beat yourself up, don’t make yourself wrong. Up until this point, you are where you are, accept that. Maybe you’re new to this work and maybe you’ve been doing this work for a while, progress not perfection. Baby steps to shift and change it today.

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Gratitude Supports Healing & Receiving

Cultivating gratitude for all in our life {on a daily basis} supports us to heal our body, trauma & to receive more in all areas of our lives (love/relationships, money/material, passions, purpose, spirituality).

Watch the short video above as I speak more on the importance of gratitude and how to cultivate more of it. Then dive into the gratitude goodies below! xoxo Tanya 🙂

Tips & Tools to Cultivate Your Attitude of Gratitude:

1) Connecting with yourself daily through writing is healing & will transform your life. Download Your Daily Morning & Evening Journal Pages!

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Healing Multiple Sclerosis

havasu-fallsOn September 23, 2004, I was running the St Luke’s Women’s 5k. Now, it is important to tell you that I was not feeling well even before the run. For a week prior I was not sleeping and having trouble finding words/speaking. My husband thought it best I didn’t go, BUT because I was a pusher & pleaser, I insisted on running it anyways.

After the race, I was really struggling to speak, at all. I assumed it was just because I was tired so went home and took a nap. Several hours later I woke and was no better. I was scared. I decided to go to finally go to the ER as we thought maybe I had a stroke.

5 hours later I was given the devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I worked as an Occupational Therapist with people who had M.S….and now I was on the other side. My days of running and hiking could be over. Many end up in a wheelchair.

Over the next 3 years I continued to have many relapses that led to losing vision in my right eye, numbness and weakness in my arms & legs, trouble walking, pain, and worsening anxiety & depression. The medication I was taking was not helping and gave me flu-like symptoms every other day.

In September 2007, after another bad relapse, my inner voice said there had to be another way. I stopped taking my MS medication that day and started my alternative/MB healing path.

Today I am celebrating 6 years of being M.S. FREE! Since 2010…no symptoms or relapses. Clean MRI. Full function/health. Which is why my greatest passion & purpose is to share ALL 10 keys I used to heal body, mind, spirit & receive in all areas of my life with you… so YOU can do it too.

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These programs will support you to heal: headaches, pain, weight, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disorders, and any other illness. PLUS receive more money, love, and fully live your purpose.

Questions? Email and I will respond within 48 hours.

Sending You Love, Wisdom & Courage, Tanya 🙂

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Stress Less & Nurture You

love self“Stressing Less & Living A Balanced Life” is an essential key to healing your body & receiving more in ALL areas of your life. 

Truth: Stress blocks your guidance & taking actions that nurture you and are in alignment with your heart & soul.

The #1 cause of stress is FEAR. Our fear-based thoughts & beliefs are what keep us from taking actions that nurture us & move us towards our heart’s desire.

What are the most common fears/beliefs that keep you paralyzed, cause you to over-do & make you crazy?
-I should do more, work harder or ELSE …(fill in the blank).
-I have to be, do it perfect or “right”.
-If I do or say x, y, or z I will lose love, approval or money.
-If I speak up for myself or shine my light/am seen I will be rejected or hurt. 

If we don’t shift these beliefs/fears, then we stay stuck in fear-based actions AND either end up sick (acute or chronic), have a breakdown in another life area (love, money, career, etc.) OR BOTH! 

Tips & tools to Stress Less, Nurture You & Live a Balanced Life:

1) Reflect/Write- Where am I falling into “All or Nothing” Syndrome in my life? Money, cleaning, eating healthy, movement/exercise, a project, work, etc.?

2) What can I do in moderation today? Even for 15-30 minutes or 25-50%, AND feel good about (vs. doing nothing or over-doing)?

3) Block time in your schedule daily for rest & play (at least 15-30 min for each).

4) Is there anything on your “to-do” list that can be delegated to someone else (work or personal), hired out, put on the shelf for later, or let go of all-together?

5) Listen to a guided TMP practice to shift your fears/beliefs, release stress & heal illness HERE

6) Join us for the “Stress Less & Nurture You” Program HERE

Connect, Trust, & Follow Your “Something Bigger”

Crying womanFrom a young age I was stuck in worry & trying to fix/control…I actually remember when I was only 5 years old, crying during my “nap time” and my grandma asking me what was wrong. I said that I was worried about my mom and dad.  As I grew up I continued to try and do things that would fix & please my parents. To make them happy so that I could get my needs taken care of and be loved. 

This pattern of worry and trying to control/fix spread to almost everything in my life. I felt I had to do it ALL, and ALONE. I do believe this worry/control pattern is one of the #1 reasons I was so stressed & got sick –  anxiety, depression, headaches, and eventually Multiple Sclerosis. 

TRUTH:  We have control over nothing but our own emotions, thoughts, and actions. We can’t fix or make others happy. It is your “Something Bigger’s” (whatever you call it- God, Universe, Source, Nature, etc.) job to take care of/guide others on their path AND also guide & support you in all areas of your life too. 

Not having a deep connection and trust in your Something Bigger will eventually bite you in the arse…causing lots of stress, illness and breakdown in other areas of your life too (relationships, money, purpose/work). 

Tips & tools to connect, trust, and follow your “Something Bigger”:

1) Reflect: Do you believe in “Something Bigger”? If yes, rate on a scale of 1-10 how much you trust in it to take care of you. If no, why not? (didn’t grow up with, grew up with but not good experience, etc.).

2) Reflect: How do you connect with your “Something Bigger”? How often?

3) Carve out time each morning to connect & pray/ask for guidance (silent, out loud, or on paper) AND take time to listen/feel.

4) Listen to this “connection exercise” daily:

5) Dive deeper with the Self-Love & Trust Program HERE